Monday, July 3, 2023

Hot Hot Hot

 Have been doing very little lately. Working on jigsaw puzzles. This was a 300 piece one but took a couple of days. 

Bill is now able to see the computer games well enough to play them. He also has backgammon and solitaire. We gave up trying to find a version of Risk that would work with Windows 11.  I think trying to download a couple of versions of Risk is what let the virus into the computer and caused all the banking problems. He is able to play Risk on his laptop that he can connect to a TV screen up on the wall. If he wants to. 
Another 300 piece puzzle. It was pretty easy. I don't try to finish them in one sitting, so they last a couple of days.
Bill has been cooking again. Made a couple of Spanish Tortillas. Sliced potatoes and onions, grated carrots, some peas and parsley. All held together with eggs. Very good and filling. 
The final puzzle of 500 from the multi pack box I bought a while ago. Also fairly easy. 
Now the only puzzle I have left to do is a 2000 piece one that Bill bought for me last summer. Waiting until I take the July 4th decorations off the dining room table before I start it. Think it will take up most of the table. 
Summer has arrived in Vegas. This was yesterday. Living in the east - lowest - part of the valley our temperatures are usually a few degrees higher. 
And it doesn't cool down at night. Later today and for a couple of days the wind is picking up too. Gusts of 35/40 mph. When I got up this morning at 6:30 it was already 90 out. Blow dryer any one? 
Getting cooler by Wednesday. Lucky us we have a doctor's appointment at 2 o'clock in the afternoon on Wednesday. The car gets so hot can't touch the steering wheel. Even when I put a towel over it. 
Our new thermostat has an eco energy saving feature - that is controlled by the ENERGY company. Went into eco mode yesterday - setting itself at 82. No way can I disable it unless I call energy company, then they will up the cost of electricity during the hours it should be enabled. Yes, Phil, I know you warned me. 
Bill got another cooking bug. Well no cooking involved but it was dinner. Stuffed big tomatoes. 
And here he is relaxing READING his nook. Finally. Thank goodness. Eye continues to improve. Doesn't get next shot until beginning of August. 
Nothing else going on around here.


Anonymous said...

Happy days to you both. Funny seeing a pic of Bill not talking to someone. Best wishes to you! Dirk

Kathy Tycho said...

Too hot for me! Our highs are your lows and that's hot for here. Glad Bill is improving.