Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Breaking news

 The rest of the pictures from my last good walk in Wetlands. Another pond where there are beavers. But haven't seen them. 

They are starting to make a dam. Soon the maintenance people will clear it out. 
There is a lady who feeds these abandoned ducks, so when they hear someone coming they swim right over. When it's not her they turn around and leave. 
Like the sun on the light colored branches of this big tree.
I took this dirt path and ended up getting turned around, went a completely different direction than I thought it did. One reason I got in three miles that day. 
Just like the scenery and wispy clouds.
The tall building is a closed casino on Boulder Highway. Closed during Covid and never reopened. All the snow is gone off the mountain. 
A sign about the desert mistletoe. Lots of it around in the trees.
It is a parasite and guess eventually killed this tree. It is full of it. 
Another one of the serene ponds. This one has a lot of turtles in it. 
Just noticed this. Guess they came to trim our palm tree one day that we weren't home. It looks so ugly now!
Some good news, Bill is able to read on this Nook e-reader again. We had to enlarge the letters quite a bit, but at least he can see good enough to read again. And my blood pressure has returned to normal. Hopefully most of the stress with the bank is over. Got up 6:15 thought about walking it was already over 70. Too hot for me. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Awesome news

Carol and Bill said...

Still a long road a head for him.