Friday, June 9, 2023

Back in The Wetlands and NO WATER again.

Been walking a couple of times since these pictures. This was a 6000 step walk. Have done a couple more walks since then. Need to walk, I made some of the best chocolate chip cookies yesterday. They were Great Value -Walmart one, ready to bake. YUM. 

Just liked the sun on the rushing water. 

I thought this was a new trail they were clearing, so I took it.
OOPS - there is a stream there under the cut reeds. To big to jump. So turned around.
The wild like is used to people, She/he/it didn't care how close I got. 
Finally got back in the water. 
Always like the reflections,. 
Our cactus out front. It has been blooming, but I've yet been unable to catch a flower open. They are a pretty pale yellow. 
Fixed a good dinner the other night. Salad, biscuits and a one pot meal. Italian sausage, Squash, zuccini, red pepper and onion. The recipe called for Old Bay seasoning, But neither of us liked the taste of it. It was good once, but a little too spicy for us. Next time I'll use Italian seasoning. 
Bill has had eight days in a row of good days. Still takes a nap in the afternoon, but most days he is up before it gets light. This day he had walked around the block a couple of times and walked a ways into the Wetlands with me. He headed home before me. 
Another walk, this one 6500 steps. The weather was perfect for walking. Overcast and in the high 60's - amazing for jun in Vegas. 
I like the look of these trees. Some of the burned bark has peeled off. So now they look two tones, black and white. 
Really overcast out. 
One of the maintenance crew.
These guys are really friendly. Some one feeds them so when they hear or see someone coming they come right up to shore. 
The river and swamp land, before it goes over the small falls. There were two ducks out there up the stream a ways.  
The other side of the bridge where it goes over the short falls. 
He was sitting right at the edge of the water. No idea what he is. 
I have to laugh at the Keep out of the Water signs. Especially the Do Not Drink part. This is reclaimed, kind of purified, water on the way to the lake.
A nice cool place to sit and listen to the birds. Lots more birds this year than last. 
Another plan blooming. 
A field of plants, purple flowers on them.
A little bit of blue sky, didn't last long. We actually got a few drops of rain just after I got home. Very few drops. Like 46 of them. 
Another interesting plant. 
The whole day was overcast, some parts of town did actually get some rain. It has been so nice with the temperatures in the low 90's or high 80's. Wish it would last all summer. 
Have had a couple of interesting days. Lab appointments and computer crashes. UGH. More on that at another time. 
OMG our son sent a couple of ladies over to clean the house and when they tried to get water to clean there was none! Guess there is a water line broken and water is off for a couple of hours. Would be nice if they had let us know. So they are using bottled water to mop with...


Grandma on the Road said...

Your bird is a black-crowned night heron. I have seen these a lot in Florida. Usually, we think of herons as being wading birds on long legs, but there are several shorter ones. These guys eat fish and other aquatic animals, and will walk on lily pads and other vegetation, or they will stand on rocks like this one is doing and watch for little fish. When they see one, they poke their long beaks at them.


Doug and Nancy said...

Bottled water to mop with? Well, aren't you fancy!! Glad Bill is feeling better!

Contessa said...

Happy to know I was right re the bird being a heron but I did not know the type. Always something living in a community like we do. We have had no water a few times last month with no notice. I guess if a one breaks that have no choice but to shut the water. We have no kitchen lights yesterday and no hot water! Happy to see Bill up and about.

Contessa said...

Wow don't know what you did but I can now use Google comment. And you have set up folow- up comments. How did yo manage that?

Carol and Bill said...

Judy - thank you, would never had thought Heron.
Doug and Nancy - you do what you have to do. Wasn't going to let them go without the mopping. Not my favorite job.
Contessa - It seems like the water is off here at least once a month. This time they didn't notify us. Hope your lights and hot water are okay now. I didn't do any thing with the blog, so don't know why you can comment now.