Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Long walk in Wetlands.

 Guess summer is really on its way. Come Saturday we are in for lots of heat. And the end of my walking - unless it cools down at night to very low 70's it is too hot for me to walk even at 6 a.m. Need to go up to the club house and investigate the treadmills there. 

Doing laundry this morning. Pretty much did nothing over the weekend except jigsaw puzzles and watching NASCAR and soccer on TV. Not sure if my blood pressure went down a little or not. Hopefully it did. Yes, I can check, just don't want to. And watering and moving those darn plants on the patio. 
The community is on a real SAVE WATER campaign, No new house can have grass yard, has to be stone and desert landscaping. Also They are removing all the not essential grass in the center mediums of the main road. Replacing with rocks. However around both club houses there is a lot of nice grass - mainly for walking dogs. Well they water the heck out of it. The lawn is two blocks away from this area and this puddle is here every morning. Lots of complaints about it. There is only one water bill for the entire community - both clubhouses, common areas and all homes. They pay a certain percentage then the rest is divided by however many home are occupied. And of course all the leaks of old lines is included in bills. Residents complain a lot. (That is the gate into the Wetlands.)
These pictures are from the day I got in three miles out there. Started at 6:10. Don't know what they are but they were sure making a lot of noise. 
Bunnies all over the place. So cute. They mostly just sit still and watch me go by. 
This area is still blocked off due to maintenance, Now the sign says it is unsafe. Sure wish they would get it open again. A very pretty area. 
A couple more bunnies. I think I mentioned that someone released over 100 bunnies meant to be pets out here a month or so. Lots have been killed by the coyotes and many were captured by the staff. This guy so far has evaded both. Looks like he has made friends with a local. Hope he survives.
Interesting about the "desert snow". From a distance it really does look like a dusting of snow. 
Lots of it on this trail. 

And along side another trail. 

I was out early so took a detour to the "Hidden Pond" - people have mentioned seeing beavers there. And by golly I did see a beaver. He heard me and was taking off. All I could get were pictures of his head as he swam by.
Coming back towards me. Then he disappeared. 
It made my day. There are supposed to be over 80 beavers scattered throughout all the ponds. Only way to see them out and about is to get out very early. I was so excited about seeing one.  Will save rest of pictures till next blog. 
I'm trying to figure out a new project to start. Too hot in garage to work on the stained glass lamp shade. 
We now have all of our medical lab work and heart testing done. Just waiting to see the cardiologist in a couple of weeks. Then the eye doctor again in August. Our calendar this month looked like it had a bad case of chicken pox with every thing written down on it.

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