Sunday, June 25, 2023

Two adults one Mayonnaise jar - guess who won...

Didn't get this posted yesterday. I got out this a.m but by 6:30 it was already too hot to get in a very long walk. Did make 1.6 miles before deciding it was time to go home. Yesterday I ended up with 10,688 steps. Spent most of afternoon sitting on couch watching NASCAR.

Saturday morning quarter to 11 and I have in 9,722 steps already. I got up early and it was nice and cool out so went for walk in Wetlands. It was an interesting walk. Did three miles before I got home. Pictures later. Then we went to to gas up car and to grocery store. So guess I'll make the magic 10,000 even if I don't do much more.  I am taking this weekend to unwind. Last week was so stressful - more of the mind than anything else. Imagine new computer problems. Then appointment with testing at heart doctor for both of us. My goal this weekend is to lower BP. By doing only things I enjoy. 

So on to the mayonnaise jar. It is a squeeze bottle. Here it sits in all its glory. How could we possibly have a problem getting the mayonnaise to come out.

Well the first problem was getting the seal off. Pulled up the tab and yanked on it. Nope wouldn't pull the seal off. Yanked several times more. Bill tried. Nope. So he got pliers to pull it off. Nope all the pliers did was tear pieces off the tab. Well cr** - so we got a knife poked a hole in it and pulled it off. SO THERE! We finally won. See the top next to it on the counter. It goes back on the bottle and has the hole the mayonnaise comes out of. 
Back on the jar. Now to open it. Looks like it should open here. There are lines dashed in the upper part above the bowtie looking thing. Nope it doesn't break break off or open. Hum.....
After more inspecting saw this little semi circle thing. Pushed and poked at it and by golly it opened the lid. 
Success! Finally we can get mayonnaise out, but what were we going to use the mayo for? Not hungry any longer. Both of us felt pretty dumb after this. 
After having to get rid of our pretty artificial flowers and buying lots of living geraniums...we are not doing so good.  This is all that is left of one plant, don't know if it will make it or not. It is trying. I think we will have to pull them back further onto the patio to keep them out of all the sun. Especially now that it will be in the 100's daily.
This one not looking too good either. Will keep talking to them and telling them I'll be good to them, see if it works. 
These next ones are more or less okay. But...

Been doing puzzles again. Just finished this 300 piece one. They aren't as easy as I thought they would be. That's good though, takes me longer to finish them. 
So that is it for today. Washed the bedding and went for gas and to the market. 


Grandma on the Road said...

I strongly recommend buying jars only with old-fashioned screw-on lids, after having my own fights with these fancy ones!

Carol and Bill said...

Judy - sounds like a good idea. Some packaging is so hard to open.