Thursday, June 15, 2023

We took a walk in the wetlands

We've managed to keep kind of busy the last few days. Bill had nine really good days in a row. One of those nine days we had to go get blood work done. Glad that is over for a while. Then two days that weren't so good. But not as bad as they used to be. And to add to our good times. His computer crashed. No fixing it. So had to get him a new one...WINDOWS 11...Oh my, not a friendly program to us old fogies that were running Windows 7. He's had it about five days and we are still trying to replace some of his favorite programs. Mostly the games i.e., chess, backgammon, solitaire and Risk. Of course we no longer had the disks. And the games that came with this version of Windows he didn't like. Finally found them, Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games,  on line and of course had to buy them. All the games he was used to playing. Worth it at any price. Still working on trying to get Risk II. Also have to reinstall his printer. It has been a challenge for both of us. 

I like the variations of the colors on the Lantana plants. One plant can have two different colors of flowers. And the flowers themselves are different. 

We have one plant that has bright yellow flowers and redish orange flowers. Yes, that is one plant. 
Last Friday our son called and told me he had a couple of ladies in the neighborhood who had time to clean our home. Of course I said SEND THEM. They do such a good job. Had to smile when I saw this . A bow made from a paper towel.
The weekend was quiet for Bill and I had races to watch. Monday morning he was feeling fine so we took a short (one mile) walk in the Wetlands. 
Perfect walking weather, in the high 60's and overcast. Thought we might get rained on, but we didn't. 
This piece of sidewalk is in the children's playground. Don't remember seeing it before. Hard to read in photo, but it says, "How far can you leap?" Then says start here. Next line is 2 feet and Jumping Spider. Next line 4 feet and Kit Fox. 
The next line 6 feet - Kangaroo Rat, next 8 feet - Bobcat then 10 feet - coyote.  Thought this was very interesting. 
Clouds were getting darker looking north.
But blue sky to the south. 
Serene pond. This area is closed for maintenance but there was also a sign posted on the plywood closing it off that said that 120 pet bunnies had been dropped off here in the Wetlands and the coyotes were killing them. Carcasses were found in many places. The maintenance workers and park people were trying to catch as many of them as they could. They are reminding people, domesticated animals cannot survive here. Hope they figure out who did it and prosecute them.
A big Jack rabbit. I first saw his rear end through the bushes and thought it was a coyote.Then got a better look at him. 
He decided to sit in the road and ignore us. 
Almost at the end of our walk. Looking at all the different bushes and trees out there. 
Thank you readers for letting me know what this plant is. Would have never thought it was a Bird of Paradise. 

 Caesalpinia pulcherrima, sometimes known as red bird of paradise, pride of Barbados, or peacock flower is a fast-growing, broad-leaved evergreen shrub native to arid regions of tropical Americas. It blooms repeatedly with red-orange flowers. At the northern end of its range (zone 9), this bird of paradise plant can be deciduous. Its prickly stems make it useful as a barrier plant. This plant and Caesalpinia species have much smaller flowers than the Strelitzia bird of paradise plants. The blooms somewhat resemble azaleas, appearing in clusters. The red bird of paradise—which prefers a desert-like environment—belongs to the legume (pea) family, which is evident from the shape and arrangement of the leaves.

Also have gone to see our primary doctor. All is well. Nothing can be done about the long covid except wait it out. Other than that we are both fine. And we went to the mall to get a new battery put in my watch. Had to go to three different jewelers to get it done.  Tomorrow Bill goes for another shot in his eye.  And the doctor will be at a different office, clear across town. Need to look up the directions before we go. 


Anonymous said...

Great to hear that Bill continues to improve. Wishing you well and enjoyable walks. Dirk

Doug and Nancy said...

Love seeing you kids enjoying life!

Kathy Tycho said...

Every day is a challenge..electronics, health and just dealing with aging. If we just keep moving forward life is good! You two are up for the challenge 😊 We are zone 4/5 here in Terrace!

Carol and Bill said...

Dirk - thank you.
Doug and Nancy - things are slowly improving. Yesterday he got his 3rd eye shot (shudder), so today is a quiet day.
Kathy - Since we left Mazatalan it seems like one thing after another. RV, Jeep, electronics and health. But we keep plodding along learning (ugh) new things.