Thursday, September 27, 2018

Big change in weather.

My goodness are we ever going to have a weather change. Today and tomorrow it might reach 100 but then...
Bill is going to be freezing, might have to turn the furnace on on
I wrote the rest of this Monday, posted it and then took it down. Now I'm going to edit it some. And add to it some. 

Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go right or get finished. Or if it did go right and/or get finished you wonder if it was the right decision.
Bill felt a little better today so we set off on errands, breakfast first though.
We both have/had doctors appointments for the 25th of October, with blood work a week or so before. Have to keep the appointments or the doctor won't renew our prescriptions. Kind of got us over a barrel. So last Thursday I called the "scheduler" to see if I could change the appointments to sooner - because neither of us have refills left and we will be out of meds before appointment. Of course I got voice mail. "Leave your name, number, reason etc etc. We will return your call within one business day." Well it is Monday and I hadn't heard from anyone. Last time I tried to change an appointment by leaving a voice mail they not only didn't make a new one but also canceled the original one. Well didn't want that to happen again so we took a trip to the office and literally snuck into the area where the appointments are made. The clerk was not happy with us. But she did manage to change the blood work appointment - to this Wednesday - BUT - could not change the doctor appointments from Oct 25th to sooner. She "will call" us if she can change it...Yah sure, not holding  my breath. (Couldn't get into blood work appointment until 11:15 - of course it was fasting. I don't miss the food as much as the COFFEE. We made it okay though and went right out to breakfast.)
Got home and got a call from the contractor who put the new turbine fan on the garage. Seems they lost the check we'd paid them with, could I please replace it. And I can deduct the cost of the stop payment from the amount. You bet! Then I couldn't find the darn copy of the check so I'd know the number to make the stop payment. I knew I'd saved it but had put it in a different place then I thought I did. Finally found it, notified bank. on line. Don't know what it will cost yet. (Found out cost $31 - robbers)
Then got a letter from the place where we live. They are changing the method of payment for the land rent. For the last year it has been automatic and everything was working fine. So I went on line to set up the new payment and can't do it. Just get "404 error" when I try. So called office. "Oh well they must be updating system try in a couple of days." Bite tongue and put smile in my voice. "Please let someone know it isn't working as I need to get this set up before we leave for the winter." "Oh, okay, bye." (Finally got into the website and set up my account. But there is some confusion how they will bill us. We pay water as part of the bill but and amount changes every month, not sure if they are going to add that and our RV space rent or not. If not it will be a pain. So need clarification if any one in office can "find out". Also as of 1.1.19 rent is going up $28 a month. Where we live in manufactured home park we own the home but rent the land. The water bill comes from the whole park and is divided equally among the homes.)
And then we decided to change our TV provider as the one we've had for years no longer has a couple of channels we always watch. Especially the soccer channels. So tomorrow sometime between 8 and 12 the installer will be here. Then I'll have to call the old service and I imagine return all their stuff. And we will have to change the service on the RV too. But can't do that until after the house is activated. Then I read that the new service doesn't allow Distant Network Service [getting ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX channels] unless you have a separate account for the RV. AND - our satellite dome might not be able to be changed. (Dish service up and running in house, need to call still about the RV. Hard learning new channel numbers. Brain doesn't want to remember them. I printed up a big list of the most used channels so we can refer to it.)
But I did start to work on the applique on the rooster. Have that part done, working on quilting it. 
And that's our story for this week so far. To be continued...


Janet said...

Cooler weather for you, snow for us on Wednesday and Thursday! Sigh, hope to head out on Oct, 29.

Carol and Bill said...

guess we are going to be getting rain. That's about when we'll be leaving Vegas. Just wander around some before heading into Mexico.