Sunday, September 23, 2018

Rooster saga almost done.

I have been out walking a few times this week. Should have gone this morning but didn't. Up to two miles now. Thank goodness nights and mornings have cooled off a lot. Still high 90's during the day but can stand that if it is nice when I get up. 
Just a cactus that looked pretty against the very blue sky. 
 They have been working hard and fast on the three new houses by us. Only need rocks and some landscaping and they'll be ready to sell. 
For the first time in many days there were a few clouds in the sky this morning. So we had somewhat of a pretty sunrise. But the clouds were too dense near the horizon for it to be really pretty. 

 Almost done with my rooster project. All the border, binding and the small pieces are done. Spent the morning stitching the edges of the pieces down. Had to get the directions for my sewing machine out to figure out how to change the tension. Using transparent thread for the stitching and it likes to break if now exactly right. 
 So this is how it looks now. Thinking about quilting the background before putting the rooster on it. Not sure what I'll do yet. 
This is the backing. I have the hanging tabs on it, so everything except the rooster and quilting - if I do it - is done. 
Last I wrote we'd been to the doctor and Bill got a new pill to take. Well he took it for two yesterday he was so dizzy he couldn't stand up unless leaning on something. Checked his heart rate and it was 42! That is the last of that pill. Didn't take it this morning and he feels somewhat better. At least he can stand up and move around some. It is called Spironolactone or Aldactone. Will get a hold of doctor to see if there is something else he can take. The worse part is he felt really good and wasn't having any problems before the stupid stents.
Good day for NASCAR yesterday. My favorite driver started dead last and ended up winning the race. He has now won 50 Cup races so is 112th on the list of most races won and he is only 33.

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