Sunday, September 16, 2018

We are still here

Not one of the best weeks we've had.
Work on the rooster is kind of at a standstill until I can get to a fabric store to find material I like for the border. And get some batting and material for the backing. The rooster still has to be attached to the backing. I managed to cut a little of the very top and bottom off when I took the picture. But basically this is what it will look like. Hopefully without the wrinkles. With the border it will be around 37 x 42 when finished. Still don't know where I'll put it.
Looked out the back door yesterday and saw him enjoying the sunshine. He is next to our shed right outside the kitchen window. First one I've seen in a long time.
Our flowers out in our front/side yard continue to grow and bloom. Before we leave we need to put the bougainvilleas on a trellis. We now have a gardener, he will come twice a month. Our sprinkler system was acting up - so the regulator had to be replaced. He also reset the timer and put it outside so he can change it over the winter while we are gone. My occotillo looks dead to me but he thinks it will be okay, was just getting too much water. 
Our yards look so nice now with the plants trimmed and all the crap from the wind picked up. 
Also our son sent a team of his ladies here to clean the house.When he called as asked me if I want them to come I of course said, "No my house is clean." NOT! They did an excellent job. 
I did something really stupid the other day. Decided to walk up to the mail box, about three short blocks away. Bill was asleep so I didn't want to go in the room to get my shoes. I figured I had on slippers so shouldn't make a difference. Bad idea. My slippers are just light weight slip ons with a very thin sole. My thoughts were " I won't be walking on any rocks, just smooth asphalt so should be okay." Didn't take into consideration that it was 102 out and the black asphalt gets very hot. By t he time I got to the mail and turned around the pads of my feet were getting sore. Couldn't do anything but continue on home. By the time I got home I had big blisters on the bottoms of both feet. Guess I didn't get wiser as I got older! They sure made walking uncomfortable for a few days. That was about four days ago and I can put on shoes comfortably again now. 
We haven't got out much as Bill is slowly recuperating. He has always had problems with general anesthetic. Remains in his system for a long time which causes other problems - not eating, not moving around, etc. Anyway he finally got almost to normal when he got a PAIN in his neck. Cannot turn his head, cannot sleep. So far nothing has helped it. We've tired bengay, aspercream with lidocane, hot moist towels, ice and pain patches. He had the same problem after his heart surgery years ago. At that time we had a very good friend who is a Healer. She came over, massaged his neck and the pain was gone. I might try to find a massage therapist here to see if that helps. I wrote this a couple of days ago. Finally the pain is almost gone - I think just time helped it. So he is feeling pretty good. Still gets tired but not like a week ago. He even cooked breakfast this morning. 
We both have appointments with the cardiologist this week. Bill says he refuses any more tests and no more doctors. I agree. Not sure what I'll find out as my BP remains high. Always something. 
Enough for now. Today is a NASCAR race day so will be occupied this afternoon, watching them go round and round. 


SandyM said...

Good to see a post - have missed them. Sorry about your feet - a painful lesson to learn and great to hear Bill is returning to normal.

Carol and Bill said...

at least it was an excuse to not get out and walk in the heat!