Sunday, September 30, 2018

Change in the weather

We re going to have a big change in the weather starting tomorrow. Much, much cooler and rain.
Looking kind of south west, lots of clouds coming in.
 Looking east over the desert even more. 
I am really looking forward to the cooler weather. Tired of hearing the AC running all the time. And the rain should wash a lot of the dust off the plants. 
Things have been changing since my last post. Paid the contractor minus the $31 stop payment charge.
Have managed to set up the automatic payment for our rent check and according to the office everything, including the RV space rent, will be included in the bill. Will know by November 2nd I guess.
We have ordered the Dish TV boxes/receivers for the RV. Should get them by the end of this week. Also went to the Winegard satellite site and it doesn't sound too hard to change the satellites from Direct to Dish. [I hope.] And according to the Dish people I'll be able to install and activate the new receivers. However - every time we change locations in the RV I'll have to either call Dish or go to the App? on my phone and change our location so we can get the local channels. Should be fun.
Still have not heard from the Doctor's office about scheduling new appointments now that the blood work is done. However did have to get a hold of the cardiologists office -for what was in my mind an emergency. Finally got to talk to someone who would get a hold of the doctor's nurse and have her call me right back. The pill Bill was put on after the stents was causing a terrible reaction. He literally could not walk four feet without holding on to something. He could barely speak - extreme weakness and fatigue. Nurse called me back, got my panicked information and went to talk to the doctor. [By then I was ready to call 911.] Doctor immediately changed the meds. Told me to not let him take the evening med and they sent a new prescription to the drug store. He was to start it the next day. Well that was 2 1/2 days ago and today we went out to breakfast and to WalMart. He says he feels almost 100%. New pill is bothering him some but he can deal with it. Scary time. So tomorrow we expect - maybe- a call from his doctor. But won't hold my breath. 
With the Dish TV we were able to watch the soccer games from Spain Saturday. Barcelona didn't have a good game, playing a team on the bottom of the standings and only managed a draw. And today was a NASCAR race. 10 laps from the end my favorite driver got wrecked out. At least he is still okay in points and in the playoffs. 
The rooster is completely done. Here it is laying on the floor. When he feels better it is ready to be hung in the kitchen.
Sure was fun to do. Now I have no projects... Well except for installing the new Dish stuff.


SandyM said...

Scary time for you and Bill - hope he continues to feel better every day now. Will look forward to seeing the Rooster hung - that was a fun project to watch you put together.

Grandma on the Road said...

Calling Dish to change physical location is really easy, and now you can do it on a phone app also. Plus, you really do not need to change it constantly. I have been getting Portland local stations nearly all summer, even though I have driven from the very southern part of Oregon and part of the way through Washington. I am in the southeastern part of Washington right now and still getting Portland locals. And even when you do call, there is seldom a wait time--lots of button pushing, however.

Janet said...

Rooster amazing! Can’t wait to see it located in its new location.

Carol and Bill said...

I think it needs a spot light, see new blog.