Saturday, September 1, 2018

This and That

The other day Bill and I were sitting in a restaurant watching all the people on their cell phones, most were playing games or fiddling with some social media. Also yesterday at the doctor's office of 17 people 9 cell phones were in use, one man had two going! Back to the other day - joking Bill said "Pretty soon no one will know how to change a light bulb without looking it up on-line." Curious I got out my phone and googled "how to change a light bulb" Much o my surprise there was a YouTube video on How to Change a Light Bulb. I was horrified until I watched it. Check it out here - it is hilarious! And being serious here is another page on how to change a light bulb which is technical...Scary.
Reminds me of the commercial where two teenage boys don't have a clue what a lug wrench is. I am afraid for this growing up generation.
Because it was so hot I watched much more TV than usual. Was amazed at was being advertised -so many things are advertised as must haves now that weren't even in existence ten years ago. Do we really care if our Coffeemate is "triple churned"? What does that even mean? And so many health? and beauty? products that will do so many unnecessary things.
Any one who lives full time in an RV or even only a few months out of a year might find this YouTube article interesting. It is about clutter in average middle class family. It is quite long and covers things for a younger family with children. It made me look around our house. But most of our clutter is important...lots of pictures and knick knacks from travels. 
A refrig door full of magnets - can't get rid of that stuff.  All of Bill's drone and air brush stuff.
 My Kyle Busch and M & M's collection...can't do without them.
How much bigger and neater these rooms would look without all the "stuff." But not going to happen. 
I had my last testing at doctors yesterday, will not get results until 19th - maybe that is why my BP is up! All the waiting. Bill goes in the hospital at 6 a.m. Tuesday the 4th for his "procedure." If he gets stents he will remain overnight.  Did all of his pre-registration the other day. In and out in 1/2 hour. They drew so much blood he's been dizzy for over a day. He says he is never going to a doctor again. Don't blame him, I am beginning to feel the same way. 
If you didn't w- do watch the first light bulb video - good for a lol.


Barb said...

I get on my cell phone if I am by myself and waiting somewhere but not when I am with anyone.
Your "clutter" is very neat and organized at least!
Love the photo on the top of your blog! Is that in your garden?
I will check out those You Tube videos...

Carol and Bill said...

lower left - artificial flowers in pot. our lantanas behind and next to them.

Mark said...

Got rid of my cell phone, was spending too much time on it. The light bulb video was a hoot. Sending good thoughts your way for Bill's procedure to go without any issues and your tests come back all good. Only about 17 weeks before Mazatlan for me. But who's counting...

Carol and Bill said...

Bill was ready to go last month. Don't know how long I'll be able to hold him here.