Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Quiet times.

Not much to write about the last few days. Got out for a short walk this morning, but waited too long and it was just too hot with the sun up already. But better than nothing I guess. Yesterday I got in 3000 steps just walking around in the house. Around, around, and around.
The sunset from a couple of days ago, not real pretty, but mostly from the smoke from CA fire. Looking kind of northeast.
Got a little brighter out front - looking south west. It continues to be warm. But we are cooling off some - only 104 today, then a 101 day coming. 
I tried another meal in the air fryer. Fresh corn on cob and Parmesan crusted tilapia. The broccoli I used the microwave for. Turned out very good. Though I feel the fish breading was a little dry. Learning curve. Will keep trying. I think it puts out almost as much heat as the regular oven. 
Trying to get the park manager to come down here and verify that all the repairs are done so they will release the money to the contractor. He keeps saying he'll call me back but doesn't.
Ah ha! got a hold of him and he was just here. Took all the pictures and will send them to "corporate" and everyone will get paid. Not holding breath. 
Working on my third puzzle this one 500 pieces, but it is going together fast. Have no other projects I feel like doing. Working on the wool latch hook rug is too hot. 


Ruth's Life is Good said...

As with you it is too hot to walk outside so I get my steps in while standing in front of the TV. Not like being outdoors but better for me than just sitting on the couch. Congratulations on finishing the house stuff.

Kathy Tycho said...

Raining and cool here...depressing as I like to be outside gardening. Weather was better in April. Glad you're life is back in order.

Carol and Bill said...

Ruth - thank you, we are glad it is done. Your steps a day are amazing, can't imagine when you would have to step in front of TV.
Kathy - it is just too hot here to go outside after sunrise so yes being inside all the time is depressing. We too, are glad all the work is done and all the workers are gone.