Monday, May 16, 2022

A few different things.

 John Richard Sirimarco
May 16, 1965 - December 29, 2006

Friday was probably my last morning walk in The Wetlands as the weather has decided it is now summer. Already 80 by 8:00 this morning. Talked with a few of the other walkers and hoping to maybe change starting time to around 7 a.m. It will still be warm but the sun won't be up as high and beating down on us. We'll see. I will miss it. Even after the sun goes down in the evening it stays pretty warm.

So here are some pictures from Friday's walk. Really like all the signs they have put up explaining about the flora and fauna out there. Didn't know there were foxes out there. I know these are hard to make out but include them any way. 

About some of the different plants growing out there. 
I took this because of the very still water and the neat reflections in it. 
Same with this one. Didn't realize the Koi was in it until I looked at it at home. 
Liked the shadows in this one. And the burnt trees with all the green growth coming back. 
Pretty flowers on one of the trees. There are several of these trees out there and a few of them have the same flowers except they are light pink on them. 
We were surprised to find this turtle in the middle of one of the paths laying her eggs. 
More signs and info. 

From next to the river in the park we can look across the town to see The Strip from downtown to the southern most casino. I bet no one in the hotels know we were standing next to a river. 
A lot of water in it.
Hum...haven't seen any bobcats, but did see some paw prints that resembled the bobcats paw. 
A glimpse of a road runner. This past week we've seen more wildlife in our back yard then in the Wetlands. We were visited by two road runners and a coyote. And a pair of quail. Didn't get the camera fast enough to take pictures.
Another pond we hadn't seen before. 
This is in our backyard. They are quick, hard to get pictures of. 

Last nights sunset. With clouds there are usually pretty sunsets. 
But the clouds made the eclipse hard to see. Did catch the beginning. 

But soon it was behind the heavy clouds. The small light is an airliner on its way to land. 
It did peak out again a while later. 
But that was the last we saw of it as more clouds rolled in.
Liked the finish of the NASCAR race yesterday the Busch brothers were 1st and 3rd. They are from Vegas. 


Grandma on the Road said...

Shhhh, but the only way to get photos of these speedy quail is to sprinkle some birdseed. Can't do it in the wetlands, but you could try it in your backyard. It is the only thing that slows them down so they aren't just blurs in your photos!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the picture of John. I'm sure you are both thinking of him today. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why it didn't tell you it was me, Nancy