Tuesday, October 24, 2017

First day on the road.

We are spending tonight in Quartzsite – only one night – so the first day into the trip our plans have changed. We were going to spend three nights here. But…it is just too hot to be here – 95 today and more of the same tomorrow. But before the trip …
I took some pictures of some of the things Bill has been doing to Willie and forgot a couple of them. Here is Willie’s new gear shift and parking brake handle covers. Fancy huh? 

AND his new license plate frame. Flames and skulls. Of course. Actually I kind of helped pick it out. Now his tail matches his nose. It has locking bolts on it.
So the beginning of this year’s trip. For a week or so the weather has been perfect. Low 80’s and no wind. Today from Vegas south it is in the high 90’s and winds up to 35/40 miles an hour. Great driving and traveling day. We got up early, before 6:00 while it was still dark out. Finished loading the groceries into the RV. By then it was getting a little lighter. We locked up and got in the rig and headed out – to Denny’s for breakfast. You can see the sunrise reflecting off the vehicles.
We finally got on the highway at 7:00 – 204 miles south and we were in Quartzsite at 11:15. 
Took the 95 south. Remembered to SLOW way down 25mph going through Searchlight. Luckily for us the wind was mostly out of the north so we kind of had a tail wind for most of the way. Not much to see on the trip. And what there was we’ve [and you’ve] seen before. Just a big pretty Joshua tree. I’d like one in our yard but they are really, really expensive to get one big enough to enjoy. And they take forever to grow. 

Crossing into California. 
Goodbye nice divided four lane road and hello narrow bumpy two lane road till the 10 interstate.
And out here in the middle of absolutely nowhere we met a train. One second before we got there the lights came on and the arm came down. !0 minutes later we were on the move again.
Got on the I-10 headed towards Needles and the river valley. That my friends is dust in the air.
All along the river. As soon as we turned off the 10 the wind was at our back again.
Except for getting stuck behind a slow truck for miles it was a pretty uneventful trip.
We are at Shady Lane RV Park, we’ve stayed here before. The only problem is their wifi isn’t working. They say it must be my computer but my Nook won’t connect to it either so I think it is their problem. Didn’t want to use my Verizon Jetpack but guess I’ll have to.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another HOT day. Then hopefully it will cool down a little. Bill is talking about going all the way to Amado tomorrow – a 300 mile day. We'll see.

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Doug and Nancy said...

OMG....we are SO jealous!!! One more year slogging through work for us. Seems weird for sure. We will be travelling along with you, every moment!!! Love & hugs to you both!!