Friday, October 13, 2017

Not keeping busy

Been a while since I've posted - really had nothing to post about. My sewing machine is still out for repair -I'd better get it back soon! And the glass I ordered to finish the border on my window probably won't be here in time for me to finish it. 
I did put us some Halloween decorations. These are nicer than they appear in this pic. I had the ghost one pumpkin and the bat. Somewhere somehow my fourth sun catcher must have either been sold or broken as I know at one time I had four. So I had to make the pumpkin in the upper left of the pic. 
 I forgot I had made these place mats last year but found them when I went looking for something fallish. 
 And because I have a lot of scrap glass I did this flower and butterfly. It is about eight inches across. Put it in my bathroom with the other flowers. 
And I finished up this frame that I started way before we left Indiana. The area for the picture is 4 1/2 x 6 1/2. It can be hung on wall or stand on a table. The colors are nicer than they photographed. 
 Bill giving Willie a hug. No not really - we had another big wind storm blow through 55-65 mph gusts and they tore the cover off the back of the car so Bill decided to take the old antenna brackets off the roof rack before covering him back up. Notice the long sleeve shirt on Bill. Earlier he had on jeans too. Got down to low 60's at night and early morning. He is ready to head south NOW.
 We ordered another batch of Hello Fresh meals This is one of them, breaded Italia with a sour cream lemon and chive sauce, asparagus and the bread. I added the salad. Very good. 
 Yesterday we had errands on the other side of town so we stopped at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign to see the memorial there. I wanted to take a picture of the cross of our daughter-in-law's friend.  There are 58 crosses there each made by a man in Illinois who put them in his truck and brought them here. Each one has a name on it. 

 Then we went to the glass shop to see if there was any other glass I could use for my border. Hopefully the one I need will come in while we are gone. They will save it for me. 
Then up to the new practice Ice Rink for the hockey team the Golden Knights. They have a t shirt I'd like to get but were sold out. 
And then fixed another box meal. Stuffed peppers. Very good and easy to make. Even have left overs for tonight or tomorrow.  
Today we went to the pharmacy to order our meds for the whole winter. So far no problems, they should be ready by middle of next week.
Weather is perfect finally. Even managed to get in  a walk the other day. 


NormSusan said...

Had to laugh at your comment "He is ready to head south NOW." In my opinion you are "South" Try being here in Alberta, below freezing at night and snow already in a lot of places. Wish we were where you are, lol

Carol and Bill said...

I think the weather here is perfect - he is cuddled up in his snuggy.