Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Exploring Santa Ana, Sonora, Mexico

We decided to stay another night here in the small town of Santa Ana -[population around 17,000]. The main sector of the municipality’s economy is agriculture – cattle ranching and the raising of crops such as vegetables, wheat and forage grasses.
So we hopped in the car and drove towards the center of town. We could see the spires of the church from the campground  so we kind of knew where we wanted to go. 
Rescue services. 
 A group of men and women cleaning the center dividers and the sweeping the street. 
One of the many florists we saw. Tomorrow is the big celebration of the Day of the Dead when families visit the cemetery to honor those who have passed. 
 Getting closer to the church. Another florist and next door a place to make copies. 
 Found the church. 

The main plaza next to the church. The Day of the Dead figures. The clothing is black satin. 
I like the red and yellow flowers on her hat and in her hand. The gazebo is behind them.
 A pretty fountain at one end of the plaza. 
Bill wanted to change some dollars into Pesos so he asked where he could do it. We were directed to an Elektra store. The store sells all kinds of electronics from tablets to stoves. People can also pay all their utility bills there and exchange money. Notice that he does not have a hat on. To stand in line there is a sign - no hats, no sunglasses, no cell phones. He got an exchange rate of 18 pesos to one dollar. If we'd gotten pesos out of an ATM the exchange is 19 pesos to one dollar. But wanted to get rid of the dollars he had. 
 I was walking around the store while waiting for him and saw this toaster oven. Notice the terms. The actual price is 1,499 Pesos. The payments are 40 pesos for 52 weeks. 2,080 Pesos or $110 US Most of the items gave the terms as so many pesos for so many weeks. 
 This car was parked in the street across from the church and plaza. I think it is advertising flower wreaths. No signs and I didn't see a florist anywhere close. 
 This is a meat market.
And this store sell ice cream products. Notice the wire trash receptacle in the lower right corner. They are all over downtown.

We were looking for a panaderia [bakery] Found this one. 
Bill picking out some rolls. Notice the living room in the back. Her husband, I guess, was watching TV.
I'm going to stop here. Will write some more about the town tomorrow. Especially the church. 

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