Wednesday, November 1, 2017

More Santa Ana

A little information about Santa Ana. This settlement originated when the  Pimas (indigenous people in northwest Mexico) settled in the area now called Santa Ana Viejo attracted by the mission established by the Jesuits. The present town of Santa Ana was founded by Diego A. Moreno in the year 1883, when the Sonoran Railroad was being built in this area of the state. Santa Ana achieved the status of a municipality in 1935. The movie The Fast and The Furious was filmed throughout the months of June and July, 2008, in Santa Ana as well as Magdalena de Kino, Sonora.
Saw this painted on the side of a building. 
It says, "Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world." How true. 

The main tourist attraction is the town plaza and neo-Gothic church built in the 1900's to honor Our Lady of Saint Ana, which adjoins the plaza. Every year during the month of July, the whole town celebrates the day of their Saint with a fair and dances.

The church is beautiful inside and out. 
It has amazing wood carvings on its doors and some of the nicest stained glass windows I've seen in a long time. Just enjoy both. 

These are real stained glass, not painted glass. 

Some of the door carvings. Hard to get really good pictures of them because of the lighting. 
This picture below is closest to the real color

Looking around in the church. 

Looking up at the cupula - dome.

Walking back to the car. So many towns are now getting these  letters to showcase their towns.
The back of the Day of the Dead statues. 
A close up of her face and hat. 
Back to the RV for a while. Then I was looking on line and discovered a restaurant that reviews raved about the Milanesa. Turned out to be only a couple of blocks away. So off we went for dinner. 

Big menu, all kinds of food including breakfast. Only two of the eight pages. 

We each ordered the medium milanesa 230gr. with fries and salad. Bill had coke I had ice tea. So much food and very, very good. Total bill including 16%IVA and tip 385 pesos - $20. US We have enough left for Bill to have a couple of sandwiches. 
Heading back to the RV Park.
Bill brought out one of his drones for a little play time. I thought there would be a beautiful sunset with all the clouds. 
But by the time the sun set most of the clouds were gone. 
By the time you read this we will be on the road again heading 190 miles south to San Carlos. Even more construction. 


Janet said...

Great pics! Never stopped in Santa Ana always in a hurry. Looks like a great spot to rest up for the journey south.

Carol and Bill said...

it is a really nice little RV park, we've never stopped there before either. makes trip from border to San Carlos a lot easier.

Unknown said...

I love your Mexico pictures. Are you heading for Mazatlan?