Saturday, November 18, 2017

Short post as we didn't do much all day.
Another hot humid day. Even the birds are hot.
We watched these clouds build, turn black and then move away. Wish they’d drop a little rain here might cool it down.
We spent most of the day at home. The mechanic came back to change all the brakes on Willie. And turn the rotors. So that is now done. We brought the ceramic brakes from home. All jacked up waiting for new shoes.
Bill getting ready to play with the drone.
A couple of pictures of the campground taken by the drone. Notice how empty the front part is. Most of the people here are Canadian.
 Looking back at us in the back part of the campground.
Friends of ours from Prescott, AZ are down here now, at a different campground, but they came over to visit for a while. Always fun.
I kind of kept track of the NASCAR qualifying for the last race of the year. My favorite driver is one of the four who can run for the championship. He qualified 3rd.
Stayed home until it cooled down a little around sunset. Then took the Jeep out to check the brakes. All seems fine. We watched some of the vendors coming up off the beach. There is a man behind all of these.
Then on home. Even more lights around us. 
No plans for today so far. 

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