Monday, November 13, 2017

Great evening out. Plazeula Machado

Wanted to post a video of the one part of the road south of Navojoa before the state line. Had to go through a little town where there was highway construction. To post it I had to break it up  into two sections. If Id been driving we would have never got through  - we'd still be sitting there!
If you watch turn your sound on and you can hear the RV creaking.

Hope you enjoyed the lovely road. It seemed while going through it that it took an hour, I was surprised to see it was only five minutes. I have cropped the videos some to get them to post.
You’ll notice most of the trucks have their head lights blinking, whenever there is bad road or they go over topes or have to slow down they immediately put on their hazard lights.

Had a disappointment yesterday. We had gone to a restaurant the day before to see if I’d be able to watch the NASCAR race there. It is kind of a sports place with several TVs. They assured us they would make one TV available to us and reserve a table in front of it. And that they had the channel the race would be on. So we got there a few minutes before the race would begin. A football game was on and a couple bottles of beer were on the table. They belonged to two guys playing pool. No problem. Of course the people we spoke to the day before weren’t there. We told the waiter we wanted to watch the NASCAR race on that TV. WELL – the guys playing pool almost had heart attacks. They were watching the football game and “I HAVE MONEY ON THAT GAME. You can’t change it.” Much back and forth with the manager, he found another TV but then discovered they did not have the channel which was American NBC. They hadn’t paid for the US channels so they were shut off. Long story short – we came home, no race to see. Sometime this week we ARE going to find a place where I’ll be able to watch the championship game next week. I hope. 
But the day got better. We went over to the Centro Historico for the evening to listen to Raphael sing and play and to have dinner. I was surprised how easy the drive over was. At the time we went there was hardly any traffic. In the older section there was a free concert on the beach, I don’t remember ever seeing that many parked cars and people walking around.
We turned up the street heading towards the plaza and had no problems. Even got a parking space in our usual evening parking lot. Price there has gone up from 10 to 20 pesos an hour.

Then we walked to the Plazuela Machado. Just outside the parking lot. All the sidewalks and streets here have been repaved. Strange not to have to look down for every step to watch out for cracked pavement or tree roots. Notice all the little lights that have been put in the sidewalks next to the buildings. 

 Also the old broken ugly trees have been replaced with young palm trees.
We were wondering if the restaurant we’ve been going to for years was still open as the older women who owned it retired and her granddaughters were going to run it. Yep, it is still open but has changed its name from Beach Burger to Machado Grill. The menu appears to be the same, but a little more expensive.
Still looks the same.
We’d come to listen to Raphael and discovered he no longer plays in the Gazebo but is now in the street at the west end of the plaza between a couple of restaurants. Here he is setting up his equipment.
One of the restaurants is an Italian one where we like to eat. So that made it nice.
The weather was perfect for being outside, warm with a cool sea breeze. An altogether very pleasant evening.

Some of the ladies dancing to the music. 

We left before the crowds got there and were home by nine o’clock. Traffic coming home was very heavy.

No plans yet for today. 


SandyM said...

We remember Raphael and so enjoyed his music and voice. Really hot here today but still a bit of a breeze - looks like we will need to turn on A/C this afternoon to cool off unit so we can get a good sleep. Puerto Vallarta tomorrow and a Costco fix!

John Boisvenue said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys in February. missing Mazatlan.