Wednesday, November 15, 2017

More excitement than necessary

Well Tuesday was an exciting day here at our site. First off the upholsters showed up. They had the windshield wiper covers done and the hitch cover done. Wanted to take more measurements for the mirrors for the RV and Jeep
 The fancy windshield wiper covers, t hey even have a zipper.
Not long after they left the mechanic showed up with his helper, a gentlemen schooled in air conditioners. It was decided that the condenser had gone bad.  And where is the air conditioning unit located in the Jeep. Behind the dashboard, the only way to get to it was to remove the entire dash. OMG. Pieces all over the place.

Glad we aren't paying for this at US prices of $150 an hour. Our mechanic in Vegas told us it would take a minimum of 10 hours labor to pull it all out and replace the condenser! That's why we waited until we got here. We've used this mechanic for years and like and trust him. 

Pieces in the back seat. I stayed inside most of the time, didn't want to see this. New condenser installed time to put things back together. 
They worked until almost dark. Just a few more things to put back together. Checked AC it is working good. Today they will finish and also give Willie an oil change and a couple of other things. 
Also we now have the beginnings of a new "bread/fruit" tree. Just have to go to Home Depot and buy some dowels to stick in it to hold the bread and fruit. Might see if they have a hummingbird feeder too. Raphael "planted" it for us. It is a dead tree he cut down from another area in the park. 
And towards the end of the day the Internet installer showed back up. We now have cable Internet with no data limits. We will have to go downtown to the office to prepay the service for as long as we'll be here. But we have a couple of days to get that done. See the white router up by Bill's head. 
Weather is supposed to cool down some and humidity to drop by Sunday, sure hope so.


Doug and Nancy said...

Boy, you really hit your strides this week! Still miss you two crazy friends!!

Carol and Bill said...

trying to gee things done before we get company.