Sunday, November 19, 2017

Much nicer weather

OMG - Saturday was a gorgeous day. Low humidity, bearable temperatures and a good cool breeze.
A nice day to sit outside and enjoy life. We even got some birds visiting our tree in the morning. Two or three different kinds. And who knew – the butterflies and bees love the apples and oranges.
And I was wrong yesterday – there was more work to do on Willie. Didn’t know it until Pablo, the mechanic, turned up this morning. When we had the radiator changed in Vegas the guy managed to screw up the wiring to Bill’s PIA spotlights. So they got rewired and now work and the windshield washer and wipers also now work. And new back up lights. Willie should be so happy.
After Pablo finished we went across the street to have a late lunch. Had the outdoor restaurant almost to ourselves. Excellent food and great view. Watched someone parasailing and another guy windsurfing.
Then home where Bill took out another one of his drones.
Another couple who are regulars here came in yesterday afternoon. Always good to see everyone again.
Today our friends from Idaho get here. He is going to get his truck painted so they’ll be here for a while. So there will be lots of running around taking them to see everything in the area.
And the final race of NASCAR is today. Going to try to find a TV somewhere so I can watch it –

Weather is finally cooling down and hopefully humidity will continue to drop. 

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