Monday, November 20, 2017

Fun, Friends and Food

With the weather nicer we have been more on the go. Now that Willie is all fixed. Here is the mechanic fixing the front lights and the windshield wipers.
The last thing to go on Willie – new back up lights.
We are starting to get birds to the bread/fruit tree. Looks like he is saying ‘Where have you been? About time you got here.” 
 Just some pictures of some of the birds.

Do you believe they have the Christmas trees out already. Wonder if they will last until Christmas.
We managed to watch the NASCAR final game. My driver #18 finished 2nd by .683 of a second! A car length. Oh well. The driver that won deserved it, he had a great year.
Our friends from Idaho got here just after we got home from watching the race. So for the evening dinner we took them with us to the Plazuela Machado. Ate at the Italian restaurant and listened to Raphael sing and play and watched people dancing. Another couple from here in the campground went with us too. The evening was very nice – weather perfect. Our friends John and Shirley.
A man with a harmonica accompanying Raphael for a few songs.
Walking around the plaza, there was an art exhibit around the gazebo – kind of a day of the dead thing.
Lots and lots of people around because it was a 3 day holiday weekend.
The restaurants were full – unusual for a Sunday evening.
Today probably taking it easy – the town is full of tourists and traffic until tomorrow. 


SandyM said...

Oh the Jays have come to see you - now that they know you are there they will be back often. Great picture.

Carol and Bill said...

It is taking time for the birds to come back. Glad they are showing up.

Doug and Nancy said...

Doug wondered felt how you about the race. He was so excited that Martin Truex won as it is "his" driver. Nice to see Kyle get second though!! Hugs to you both!!

Carol and Bill said...

of course I wanted Kyle to win - to be the first to win the new trophy - but Truex had the better year all over and with all the crap going on in his life and team I'm glad he got it better than either Harvick or Brad!