Sunday, November 26, 2017

Day trip to Malpica

Way back on Friday we took a day trip to Malpica - to buy bread and rolls from the little bakery there.Took the fairly new bypass around Mazatlan. Nice cement highway with shoulders and guard rails even. 
 The old highway 40 to Durango has been repaved and striped. 
 Off the highway onto the cobbled street of Malpica. 
 Some of the colorful homes. Several women were outside sweeping their section of sidewalk and street.
 The reason we come to Malpica. The absolutely wonderful bakery and the family that owns it.
You have to walk through the living room to get to the bakery. It seems like the baker now has a new business, selling clothing. 

Everything is baked in a huge adobe oven. The heat is provided by wood. The wood is put on the oven very early in the morning, when it burns down and heats up the pans of baked goods are put in. The man is the bakers husband. Some of the cooked buns on the rack. We got there too early to get the croissants, they were still baking. So we went out and walked around a little. It was John and Shirley's first time here. 
 The building housing a small museum of the area and also a small reading room with Internet. The mural tells the history of the area.  The street side. 
The front 
 One worker two supervisors. Three counting the little boy.
For the first time the museum was open. Some photos of the displays. I had heard of this burial method before. Interesting.

 Spent quite a bit of time in there. Glad it was open.
 Back outside heading towards the little church.
John noticed that the bell rope had a piece of water hose around it where it came out of the tower. To keep the rope from fraying. 
The interior of the church is now painted white. And there is a new altar piece - white marble with a 3-D depiction of the Last Supper. 
An interesting two color flower outside in the plaza. 
 The fruit vegetable truck. 
The odds and ends seller. He had cleaning supplies, thread, mops etc. 
 Carried everything on his back. 
Back to the bakery. Bill picking out what he wants. He buys for us and half the people in the RV Park. So much in fact that the baker asked him to call her a day before we come back so she can make more buns. Gave him her phone number. 
 Still waiting for these to come out of the oven. 
So loaded up with delicious smelling bread we left Malpica on our way to Concordia. Before picking up the bread we visited the tile maker and watched him make a tile. But I will leave that and our visit to Concordia and dinner in the Plazuela Machado for another blog.


Anonymous said...

I’m in Lo de Marcos for the winter. I think you wintered here once? Any suggestions for small towns to visit. Not beach tourist. Thank you. Love following you. Yea Bill. Richard

Mark said...

Your pictures sure are bringing back my time with you two at those very same places. I can remember the great pastry from that bake shop. What a wonderful time that was for me. Keep up the great job on the blog as I as well as many others I'm sure are enjoying it a great deal.

Doug and Nancy said...

Awesome. We never got to those spots but we are anxiously waiting our next trip!!

Carol and Bill said...

About a year from now? They will still be there and just as fun.

Carol and Bill said...

Good to hear from you. We now know which hotel you'll be at. Not long now.

Carol and Bill said...

We actually have only spent a couple of weeks in Lo de Marcos at a couple of different times. We aren't beach fans or hikers so there really wasn't much for us there. Visited the beach towns from there to PV. And visited PV a couple of times. So really can't help you too much.

Mark said...

Nope but not soon enough... I can't tell you how much that I'm enjoying your blog.....