Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

So...the rest of Friday - it was a very busy day. Just about dusk we piled back in the Jeep and headed towards Centro. First stop was the optician to pick up Bills glasses with the new lenses and John's new sunglasses. 

The optician is on Angel Flores right across from the government building. And we got lucky there was parking right in front of it.
 Then we went to find parking, luckily it was just late enough that the parking lot was open, just a half block from the Plazuela Machado. To get into the plaza we had to walk through these. They weren't there a couple of days ago. And from the lovely smell they are made of real branches of pine trees. That I will have to investigate closer next time we are there. Will they last until Christmas? There is one at each end of the plaza.
 When we first saw them they were getting their pictures taken in the gazebo. A 15th birthday dress. So pretty. 
 We decided to have dinner at the old Beach Burger - now called Machado Grill - for it being early there were several people at the restaurants. Then we remember there was an opera at the theater right next to the plaza. Lots of people eating before going. 
 We were just finishing eating when this young man started setting up his equipment. We hoped he wasn't a hip hopper or rocker. Turned out he sang and played very mellow music. Very enjoyable. 
 Never know what you might get to experience when eating in the plaza. 
 Turn your speaker on and listen to a very short clip of his music.
Also next to the restaurant were these huge equipment boxes and metal stands with big lights on them. The man sitting there had just set up a video camera on the tripod. He fiddled with it and turned it on. 
On each end of the plaza was a huge video screen. When he turned the camera on the screens came to life. It is amazing what people will do when they discover they are on camera. 

Finally convinced Bill to ask him what was going on. Unfortunately nothing that night. The next day there was going to be a fashion show shoot. 
 Picked up the car and headed home. It is so pretty here at night with all the new streets and lights. Another outdoor restaurant. 
 Saturday morning after breakfast we went up to Cerritos so Shirley could look in the many shops there. She was looking for Christmas presents. While she shopped we watched the fishermen. I like to watch them when a boat comes in. Lots of work to get it up on the beach. 
 Bringing the boat up on the sand. 
She didn't find what she was looking for so we went to the Gran Plaza Mall. One of the stores there. Interesting mannequins and I love the flooring. 
 They already have one of their Christmas trees up. She found what she wanted so then headed home. 
 On Sunday the painters showed up - see how much of the brush has been cleared behind us. It is in big piles all over in there. Hope they truck it out and not burn it out. 
The is the painters assistant. So what are they going to do here? Good question I had to ask too. 
 But before we go there. See Willie's new blankie? Saturday we stopped at the yardage store by the Gran Plaza and Bill got his for Willie. We didn't treat our kids that well. 
 I also got some material at the store - lots and lots of Christmas material. Really nice cotton - eight different patterns - averaged out about US$5.00 a yard. Going to keep busy next summer. 
So back to the painters. First off Bill wanted to protect the maps [they are stick on vinyl graphics] on the back of Arvi. So the back now has four coats of clear coat on it. 
And he has hated the fact that the body of the RV is tan and the cab is white. So...How it looked before - hard to tell the color difference in this picture but it was very noticeable. 
 How it looks now. 
 Preparing it to be painted - next weekend. Also heard something about the graphics, but not sure what. 
And I think I have about caught up now. At least as far as the weekend goes. We actually stayed home the whole day Sunday. 

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