Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Got 1 and a half errands done

Have to stop and think what day it is/was – Tuesday – turned out to be a busy day. First we went to breakfast at Torres which is always a pleasant experience. Then back home to wait for the painter who is going to paint John’s pickup truck. He came when he said he would be here and drove off with the truck. Will take about two weeks. So we now have some captured tourists to take around with us.
A little later Bill, John and I headed into Centro to do errands. This is what the Malecon will look like when it is completely done. New sea wall and sidewalk, an area for bicycles and skaters and awnings for shade.
This is what most of it looks like now. There sure are a lot of people and equipment working there. The statue in the background is of two baseball players. 
Taking one of the old roads into downtown. The cathedral in the distance. It doesn't seem to be getting any upgrading.
The new parking lot we are parking in now. Right in the center of downtown. As always Willie get a cleaning when we are parked here. One nice thing it is never too full for us to park.
We were going to the optician, the watch maker and TelMex, about the Internet. First stop the optician, he wasn’t there yet, would be there in ½ hour. So on to the watchmaker. To get there we had to pass the candy shop. They were coating walnuts in melted sugar. Smells so good.
The inside of the shop is really colorful.
On around corner to watchmaker. Watches not ready, will be in a couple of days. Notice his sign, hanging there by one hook.
Back past the candy shop – a sign outside it. Don't know what it has to do with candy but I love the colors. 
Bill, of course, had to help the candy girl. Stirring the pot.
Heading towards the center of town. Benito Juarez, the street, is finally open to traffic. Lots of tourist trolleys and traffic - must have been a cruise ship in.
Then on to TelMex. We were assured the Internet would be turned on today – this morning…We’ll see.
Back to the optician. He was there. John ordered new sun glasses and Bill needed the lenses in this glasses replaced as they had a gnarly scratch in them. Be ready by Friday. On to pick up our clean car and head home.
About 5:00 we headed out again to go to dinner at La Bruja in Cerritos. View from our table looking south toward the city.
The restaurant, we were there before it got too busy. By the time we left it was full.
Looking at the beginning of sunset.
John, Shirley and Bill.
Sunset was almost over when I took this. The two light are boats out on the water. 
Then on home to relax. Today we are headed to El Quelite. 
Only 64 degrees out side when we got up. I even pulled the bedspread up over me during the night. Bill is talking about long johns! 


stephen said...

You often mention 2 of the things we miss very much: Excellent car washes where you park the car; wonderful laundry service at superb prices - stuff comes back so neatly packaged and folded.

Happy Thanksgiving and appreciate your posts so very much.

SandyM said...

Love the Day of the Dead picture and of course the one of Bill "stirring the pot"!

Carol and Bill said...

the car washing is one of Bill's favorites, mine is the laundry. We both miss that when we're home.

Carol and Bill said...

Well he likes to stir the pot.

Mari Borrego said...

Hi Carol & Bill. Pictures are amazing. Would love to go back to Mazatlan. Have fun & be safe.