Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Repair men and Ribs and Riding around

A quiet day, again the weather was good. My routine in the morning is to check on line and take care of anything that needs my attention. Then post my blog. Hopefully it is ready to go – I usually try to sort the photos and do the writing in Word the previous evening. Then I just have to copy, paste and post the pictures. Then it is time to go out and resupply the bread/fruit tree and sit outside with a cup of coffee and watch the birds.
Monday was no different. After chores we made a couple of calls for our friends from Idaho. They want to get their truck painted here. The painter will be here today to check it out and make arrangements. Then a call to the RV tech from Canada who lives here in the winter. He came right over to check out their air conditioner as it stopped working a couple of days ago. Problem fixed. Now if we could just get our Internet up and running before I run out of gbs from TelCel. But no one worked for the last three days. Revolution holiday. 
Then just spent the rest of the day visiting and relaxing. Rough life.
At 4:15 we piled into the Jeep and headed out to Fat Fish for RIBS – no pictures this time. As always delicious.
After eating we took a drive down the Malecon into the older section of town. Along the Malecon, just a little of the sunset. Took this from the moving car. I love my little camera.
Oops – the road is blocked at Olas Altas in the Centro Historico. Pedestrians only, no vehicular traffic. Hum …Now to figure out another way around.
No problem, up a narrow side street and down another even narrower side street. Love the lighting on the old buildings. 

Managed to get to one of our favorite parking lots on ConstituciĆ³n. I think there are a couple of new graffiti murals in there but there were no lights on, will check during day next time. Then we walked up to the Plazuela Machado – hardly any one there, only a couple of the restaurants were open. So different from Sunday night when it was packed.
We went into La Bohemia restaurant to check it out. Just one of the walls. All kinds of graffiti type paintings.
And a tree growing right in the middle of the restaurant. Interesting place.
It was easier to take some pictures of the art work around the gazebo – no people and no spot lights. A couple of the photographs of photographs

This was my favorite. Looks almost real instead of a photo of a photo.
Then on home. Very nice evening.
Don’t remember if I mentioned it or not but staying here in Mazatlan is like being home. And for a big city it is more like a small town. Seems like every time we go somewhere we run into someone we know. When we were in TelMex we saw the assistant to the Priest of the beautiful church we watched getting built. Yesterday in Home Depot we saw the optician. Last night we saw the owner of the Beach Burger now the Machada Grill restaurant. She is only there once in a while since her granddaughters took over the management. Glad to see her. 

I want to thank the people who take the time to comment on my blog. Makes me feel good to share our adventures with others. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Hot here in Florida! Had a big thunder storm last night.
I should get our cameras cleaned when we come down.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your blog. Read it every post. Plus Bill is back. Yea!

Carol and Bill said...

remind me when you get here

Carol and Bill said...

He manages to keep busy

NormSusan said...

I also love your blog. Don't comment often but sure do appreciate the effort you put into it. Thanks.