Monday, November 27, 2017

Tile an in Malpica, Concordia and evening out.

While still in Malpica on Friday we took every one over to watch Jorge the man who makes the beautiful tiles. Here is Bill talking to him before we went into the bakery. 
Heading back to his work shop. The man sitting down was playing a guitar and a harmonica all the while we were there. He was really good. The woman is sweeping the walk way. 
I have written about Jorge several times and taken a lot of pictures of him making the tiles. If you want to check out another blog with more pictures click here. He is getting ready to place the oil on the bottom of the mold. 
It has been oiled and he has splattered two colors of paint on the mold. 
He added another color then put the frame around the bottom to start building the tile. 
On top of the color drips he carefully adds white cement.
Then he uses a common pencil eraser to make the designs in the tile. Each tile is completely different. 
Then he adds a layer of dry cement. 
Then another layer of damp cement. Tamping it down to make sure it each layer completely covers the mold. 
Putting the top on the mold. 
He puts it in the press. Then pulls on the lever to add the right amount of pressure to the mold. The press is over 100 years old. Makes one tile at a time. 
The tile out of the mold. 
It has to dry in the air for a few hours then it is soaked in a vat of water for 24 hours. And when it is completely dry it is ready to use. I put paste wax on mine to bring out the colors and use them under hot pans for the table. 
Leaving Malpica heading towards Concordia. Passing a group of school girls on the way back to the highway. 
We stopped on the way to show our friends the "laundry ladies". If you want to see more stories about them put laundry ladies in the search box here on the blog or click here to see last years blog about them. 
We were late getting here so all but one lady had already finished her laundry for the day. The government built the pools and wash tubs for the area. The very hot water comes for a natural hot spring. The older man on the right is taking a bath. Not an unusual sight. 
Some older people come to just soak in the water. 
On into Concordia. Crossing the bridge we had to change lanes to go around some construction. We joked about even here there was road construction. Soon we realized that was not a joke. 
We turned off the main highway onto the road into the center of town. is all tore up. Well we can still get through. Ha - jokes on us. 
Usual we to up the blue line, right into the main plaza in town. Now to get to the red dot - the church - we had to take the blue road, back down it for a block then take the red road to the right to get to the red dot. To leave town we had to take the black line through sections of the town we'd never been in. Came out on the highway right by the bridge. Every street in the middle of town was torn up. 
We got about a half a block further then had to back up to this street we'd just crossed. 
Finally found a not torn up street then a sign saying centro. Followed it. 
Ended up coming into the plaza from behind the government building. And wouldn't you know it was market day. Trucks, stands and people everywhere making the street even narrower. 
Finally made it to the main plaza and found parking! There is a new sign in the plaza. Hard to read but it does say Concordia. 
The big rocking chair either was refurbished or a new one made. Looks good. Concordia is a known for it beautiful handcrafted and hand carved furniture. 
In the street in front of the church a walkway was being constructed. Also a platform used for the Christmas manger display was already on the sidewalk. And the Merry Christmas signs were up already? Or not taken down from last year? 
A little information about Concordia. It is a really old town that was invaded by everybody. It was the government seat for Sinaloa for a long time. 
The top front of the church. Named for Saint Sebastion. 
Some of the trim inside is losing it gold paint. I wonder if the turquoise color is old paint or a metal. 
It is a very pretty church. 

Leaving town we had to pass through the market area again, only one lane and traffic going both directions. Plus the people cutting across the street. 
We were following this car to get out of town. Until she turned off to go to her home. But by then we it was easy to find our way out.
I don't think we'll be going back to visit Concordia this year.
We got home early afternoon. Rested for a while and then went into Centro to do some errands and to have dinner. Next blog hopefully I'll be able to catch up. 


Grandma on the Road said...

Interesting how the tile reflects the shape of the church! I have only been to Mexico once to go to a conference, but I really enjoyed it. Not sure I could drive down there alone, however.

Carol and Bill said...

there are all ways some people looking for other rigs to drive down with.
it is a great country and great people.