Monday, November 6, 2017

Sunday fun

Woke up early Sunday morning - got up at 5:30. First thing I noticed was how warm it was. No need for the little heater. I knew we are in for a HOT spell but thought it would be later in the week. Kind of makes me wish we were back in Vegas. 

 As opposed to the weather expected here and in Mazatlan. With "feels like "temperatures of 100+ UGH and very high humidity. I'm hoping the forecasts are wrong, a lot wrong. 
Looked out the window and saw the beginnings of a pretty sunrise so hurried across the street to watch it. 
 Lots of bird out in the ocean fishing.

Just after I got back in the RV it rained a little, Just a few drops for a few minutes. Or maybe it was just heavy humidity. 
I checked our TelCel mifi. It had been plugged in all night and still wasn't charged. So I went on line and discovered the Customer Service store had Sunday hours starting at 9:00. So we headed over there. Boy that is the time to go, no one else in there. We explained our problem and the gentleman took the battery to the back. After a bit he returned and showed us it was all lit up and charged. He said it was just that the battery was so discharged it needed a booster to help it charge. And it should be fine now. He even checked our cord and plug to make sure they were fine. 
After leaving there we went to the supermarket to get Bill some of the rolls he likes so much. They didn't have any. So while there we thought we pull some pesos out of the ATM. The store had three different ones - none of them had money in them. 
We got home and I took the mifi out of the box and noticed the back of it was loose, but didn't think much of it. Pressed it back on. Tried to turn it on - nothing. Plugged it in nothing. Then I took a good look at it. The battery was swollen up, that's why the back wouldn't stay closed. CRAP. Now what to do with it? We were meeting friends for lunch so didn't have time to go back to Guaymas. But on the other hand I didn't want to leave the battery untended in the RV. So we put it outside, where it still is, and went to lunch.
Had a very nice time at lunch visiting with our friends. I tried something I hadn't eaten before and really liked it. The main reason we went out was to watch the NASCAR race on the restaurant's TV. No problem. Except my driver #18 got into a wreck on the very first lap. He never did manage to get really caught up. Finished 18th. Good thing he won last week. 
Then on home to read and relax for the rest of the day. Checked the battery now the whole back of it has pulled away. Trip into Guaymas today. Hope they sell replacement batteries. But will probably have to buy a whole new mifi. 
Today is the begining of the heat wave. 

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