Saturday, November 4, 2017

Just looking around San Carlos

Yesterday we just took a short ride around the San Carlos area to see what was new and different.Remember when you could get good ice cream cones at the Thrifty Drug Stores. Haven't seen a store in years, but almost every decent sized town here in Mexico has Thrifty Ice Cream from the US.
This house is for sale, looks out over the bay. No idea what it costs but sure I can't afford it. This is in a mostly gringo area. 
The first time we came to San Carlos - well the second time if I count 1978 - this was a real nice RV Park and restaurant. The next time and every time since it has been closed and getting more and more run down. This year we noticed it has been cleaned up and the restaurant is open again. So we pulled in to snoop around. Met the owner/developer and talked to him. He hopes the RV park part will be open by the beginning of the next season - next fall. But he is also selling small lots around the RV spaces for small homes. There will only be about 20 RV spaces. They have a lot of work to do but it is looking better. 
The RV spaces will be good sized and easy in and out. 
We continued on up the hill to El Mirador - the look out point that was destroyed by a hurricane about a year and a half ago. They've been working on repairing it since. Still not open. There is new fencing/railing around it and looks like there will be permanent structures for the vendors that go there. Maybe when we come back in the spring it will be done. 
Just a cut colorful food cart. Coconuts with all kinds of stuff available to put in them: shrimp. octopus, squid ick ick and ick. 
We met our friend who live here now for lunch at La Palapa. Good food, good company and good scenery.
Just before sunset we walked across the street to the beach. Bill took one of his drones. Here is a picture from it. 
Getting ready for take off. 
The sun getting ready to go below the mountain. 
Up up and away. It got dive bombed by a couple of seagulls. Luckily the didn't hit it. That would have been a catastrophe. 
Just the sunset and some birds. 
Not a lot of color, but interesting. 
Took this one with the "oil painting" setting on camera. 
Then on home to watch all the over night RVs pour in. About eight to ten every night. They all leave in the morning. 
Had a few drops of rain overnight. 


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, I had some carrot cake. Glad San Carols is turning around. Tom

Carol and Bill said...

thank you - I brought a piece from Amado so I had a piece too