Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A rather interesting day

After much fussing I got the uncooperative Internet to post a couple videos from the Delfinario. When we come back here on the way home I hope we'll go see the dolphin show. 

I mentioned at the end of yesterdays blog that the TelCel mifi wasn't working. That the battery had swollen up. So Yesterday morning into Guaymas we went again. Got to the TelCel Customer Service store just as it opened. 
Bill told the clerk what had happened. That the battery wouldn't charge so they had given it a booster charge. And when we got home it was swelling. So what could they do about it? What could they do about it? Nothing! The booster charge wouldn't cause that. And they stood firm, nothing. So we asked if we could buy a new battery. No, they didn't have any, but go right next door to the TelCel sales store and they might have one. 
Next door we went - nope they didn't sell that kind of battery, they only had cell phone batteries. Back to customer center. Now we were sent to a supervisor. We'll buy a whole new mifi if we have to. Oh well, they don't sell them any more. Do you have anything else? Nope, only a router that you have to have a contract for. And you have to provide proof of residence in Mexico. Well that wouldn't work. No more month by month plans for tourists! So basically we were SOL. Then the supervisor leaned over towards Bill, lowered his voice and said, "But, there is a way you can do it to make it work. There is a little repair place in the Ley Plaza. Take it there and he can put a different battery in and solder the leads so it will work. 
We went over there and and he said no problem. So this is what we have now.

Took him about 10 minutes and cost 250 Pesos US$13. It seems to work fine. Will really find out when we get to Mazatlan and have to use it all the time. 
I'm wondering if we can use the sim card in our Verizon MiFi. 
And after trying two more ATMs we finally found one with money. So now we have pesos for the toll road. 
So today will be our last day in San Carlos tomorrow we'll head for Mazatlan, that is a two day trip. Almost 500 miles, just too far.

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stephen said...

Just found your blog and am enjoying reading it. We did the reverse of your trip last year. I'm a geezer (76) so you guys inspire me. Thanks