Sunday, October 29, 2017

Spending time in Amado getting ready.

Haven’t done much to write about, just running errands. Had to go for some groceries and went to Verizon to make sure we still have the Mexican plan on my phone. Also inquired about using my Jetpack for data there. No way will I be able to use it without it costing an arm and a leg. So guess we will use TelCel again.
Been watching some NASCAR – my last fix, after Monday no more. And there will be three races to go to the Championship. Oh well.
Here in Amado it has been really hot during the day, should be cooling down a little by tomorrow. But it is cold at night. Enough to have the little heater on and the furnace on when we first get up.
When we are in this area we always go to the Denny’s in Green Valley to check on Addi – she works there part time. We check on her because she is a young 89 – never misses a day of work. She told us she is still going dancing too. Such a lovely woman. We are always afraid she won’t be there. But she’ll probably still be there when we aren’t coming this way anymore.
Yesterday we met up with friends who live in the area for lunch. Good to see them again and catch up on their doings.

Waiting for the race to begin while writing this. We will be crossing the border tomorrow. Not looking forward to the 300 miles drive to San Carlos. Have read a lot of comments on Facebook from people about all the construction going on. That it really adds to the time of the drive. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Cooling down here daily highs around 10C.

SandyM said...

FYI - for the first time ever we were stopped by the Federal Police just to check that our import papers for the RV and Honda were correct. He read them and told us to be on our way. Rex has read that this year more cars and RV's are being stopped to check papers.

Carol and Bill said...

that is something new. thanks for info. we cross tomorrow.

Mari Borrego said...

I am enjoying your pictures and blogs. Keep them coming. Enjoy and safe travels.

Mari Borrego