Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Food Insecurity - where is the logic?

It is kind of hard to write a post considering what is happening here in Las Vegas. There are no words to express our feelings and no way to understand how something like this happens. 
We are fortunate that none of our family or friends were in the area at the time. I was still up watching the local 10:00 news when the story broke about 10:10. Watched as the police cars and emergency vehicles arrived and people began streaming down the sidewalks and streets. Here the TV stations have been playing over and over again a scene from the concert that happened about an hour before the shooting. The entire audience was on their feet with their cell phones lit and they were singing God Bless America. I hope that is what this event is remembered for. The unity not the terror. Click here to watch

We live about five miles due east of where it happened. To look out our windows on the peaceful desert scene makes everything even more surreal. 

But life continues on. Our little glitches seem so insignificant now. I went to the doctor last Thursday and had some lab work done. Got a call Friday that somehow "it got thrown out." Could I come back and redo it. The doctor is about twenty miles across town. I was supposed to go yesterday. It seemed like a quarter of the streets in town were closed to through traffic so we didn't go. Now they are supposed to send me a lab request so I can go to a lab closer to where we live. 
I saw another sign about Logic - here it is available, not for sale. Still think a lot of people should go visit this area - logic seems to be lacking in society these days. 
One example of a lack of logic was an article I read about feeding the hungry. . The article was titled "Combating FOOD INSECURITY one mouth at a time. Aren't we getting just a little too PC here. Hello people - HUNGER is not a bad word.


Grandma on the Road said...

I agree. Food insecurity sounds like someone is worried about losing a spouse or an beloved belonging. Hunger is neither of those things. There was a man on the radio today talking about his youth and being hungry, and how going without food for a couple of days made him feel weak and unable to concentrate. When he was able to get a good meal through a charitable organization, it gave him renewed energy and made him feel stronger and more positive about life. "Food insecurity" describes none of those physical and mental feelings.

We need to start calling things like they are.

Carol and Bill said...

glad someone agrees. enough PC!