Friday, July 6, 2018

A really hot day

Have done very little since last post. Watched the World Cup and the NASCAR race. My favorite driver won the race at Chicago, exciting ending. It made me rethink complaining about our temperatures here. During the race it was OVER 150 degrees inside the cars. Every one looked wiped when they got out. One driver lost 11.5 pounds during the race.
So here is our forecast for the next 10 days. The temperatures aren't bad but check out the Humidity starting Saturday. I know it sounds low to easterners but for here it is getting to uncomfortable. Monsoon weather is coming. We MIGHT get some thunderstorms. Yah sure. The wind is letting up though. 
Already today the humidity has gone up.
Why am I posting a picture of the back of a truck you ask? Well it was here a couple of days. All the concrete driveways and sidewalks in the two vacant lots were taken out. Then we were told we'll be getting a new home right across the street from us on the corner. It was supposed to be here last week. Still not here. Will be fun to watch them putting it in.
The community is getting all the streets repaved for the last week or so. Our area is the last one to be done. So today we cannot leave the house. Not looking forward to the smell of new asphalt. I think they should have put the new house in before the repaving. Especially with it going to be so hot. We'll see if the heavy truck messes up the new paving.
Me thinking...yes I do think now and then. Continuing working on the pretty flower material. This is more of what I got in Mexico a year or so ago. 
One border put on them, they will get another border when I get around to it. Just now trying to decide what I want a table runner...
 Or place mats. Probably place mats.
It is 9:10 and the AC just came on! 
No plans for the near future. It is hot everywhere. About 15 to 8 I walked the two blocks up to the mailbox and was soaking wet when I got home. Ugh. Sorry nothing more interesting to share...haven't even cooked the last few days. 

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