Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Random things going on

It is HOT, HOT, HOT here. 113 to maybe 116. At least humidity has gone way down. And going to be for the next few days. So unless we decide to go to the mall and walk around we won't be doing much.
Yesterday Bill went to the optometrist. Only his distant vision was improved by the cataract surgery so he still needs reading/computer glasses. He also has some slight double vision. [not caused by surgery, has had it for years.] The appointment was for 10:30 in the morning, earliest we could get. The doctor's office was in the Sears store.
On the way there I checked my watch to make sure we'd be on time. HUM...sometime during the night my watch had quit working. Nuts. Any way found the doctor's office at the back of the store and right across the aisle was a watch repair booth. Yipee. Got a new battery for my watch. I've had this watch about 30 years and really like it so was glad it was an easy fix.
Meanwhile Bill was having his eyes examined. He has 20/20 in one eye and 20/30 in the other BUT the double vision is because one of his eyes focuses different than the other. So he will be getting glasses with a prism. So he will be wearing glasses all the time again. They will try to use his old frames. So then he will look like himself again. While he was getting eyes checked I walked around store - found a purse - regular $50 for $17.99, just what I've been looking for. Grabbed it. 
Last week Bill went for a nuclear stress test. It has been 7 1/2 years since his bypass surgery so both myself and the cardiologist have been wanting him to have the test. Now I'm sorry I ever said anything. Talk about STRESS - for both of us. His appointment was for 7 a.m. - of course, clear across town. He got called in about 7:10. I'd brought a book to read - should be about an hour. About 40 minutes later a nurse stuck his head into the waiting room and said, "there is a small problem with the camera on the stress test machine so any one waiting for some one it will probably take longer than usual." Okay. 8 o'clock, came and went, 9 o'clock came and went, 10 o'clock came and went. What the heck? I finally went to the desk to inquire and was told everything was fine he should be done in about 20 minutes.
Finally he came out and we left. Then he told me his experience. Because of equipment malfunction they had to repeat the ENTIRE test three times. He said he felt like his heart was going to explode by the third time. It took him a couple of days to completely recover from something that shouldn't have bothered him at all. We see the doctor in a week and he is for sure going to hear about it.
Since then we've had several sever storms and now the heat.  Had to tie the Palo Verde tree to the pine tree's trunk to hopefully stabilize it again. 
Still need to get out there and trim off some of the broken branches on the flowering bushes. 
During one of the prior storms our little bush out on the side of the house lost it biggest flowering branch, this storm the remaining branch got broken, don't know if it will make it or not. 

I put big rock in my planters on top of the foam, hope it will keep the flowers and foam from blowing away again. 
We also had a board pull loose between the house and the skirting. lots of water got into the wall board. So that needs to be replaced. The guy replacing the garage vent will fix that too.
Our across the street neighbor lost his back fence.
We came down Boulder Highway yesterday and the northbound lanes are still closed, some of the wires are still almost on the ground. Hopefully as they work on them we don't loose electricity again.
AC is going all day along with all the ceiling fans in the house. Just sitting still and working on a jig saw puzzle.


Mark said...

Well that was one hell of a stress test.

Carol and Bill said...

It sure did manage to stress both of us.

Dirk Digler said...

Always something going on with you both. I enjoy your musings and pictures. Thank you.

Carol and Bill said...

good to hear from you.