Thursday, August 2, 2018

What the Heck?!!!

It is hard to believe that these things happen. Does no one have common sense any more. I am sure glad all my children and grand children are beyond the age where they would try something this stupid. Sometimes I think we'd be better off if we went back to paper and pencil and rotary phones and radios only. Our games were jump rope and tag and hide and seek - not violent video games which seem to get more violent every year. All the commercials I see for new movies are violent - the more destruction the better. What happened to Doris Day [btw she is almost 100 and doing well] and Cary Grant movies. Would anyone go to that type of movie any more. Nothing got blown up and no one took off their clothes. Don't get me wrong, I like some action movies - one being the first Lethal Weapon and the Bruce Willis movies, but not as a steady diet. 
What started me on this rant? A couple of posts from the Internet challenges being issued.

"she and her friends decided to try the Kiki Challenge, which involves jumping out of a moving car while dancing to Drake’s “In My Feelings.” she fractured her skull. 

"A 15-year-old is healing from second-degree burns on his back, chest and face after his friend poured boiling water on him for the internet’s so-called "Hot Water Challenge."

Did they think (?) they would just walk away after like in a video game? Had he never stuck his finger in HOT water? Had she never seen an accident? 
Beyond my comprehension. Is on screen or Internet action the new reality?
Bill says we are losing our survival instinct. 

Went to cardiologist yesterday for all test results. Result ... more tests. He might !! need stents if the bypass vessels are starting to degrade. Will know by the end of the month. Not till then 'cause doctor is going to Greece on vacation in a couple of days. So guess he is not too concerned. 
On the way home from the doctor, driving down the road on a bright sunny day - we suddenly got pelted with what sounded like hail, turned out to be just monster raindrops. We got caught in a microburst. Luckily we were near the outer edge of it and soon drove out of it. But where we'd been the streets flooded and trees went down. Today the sky is still hazy with smoke and lots of clouds, probably get rain somewhere over the valley again today and tomorrow. 
A couple of days ago Bill had the cooking urge again. He made what he calls a tortilla. Sliced potatoes, mushrooms, onions. peas and parsley. Then enough eggs to hold it all together. He uses two pans to cook it so he can turn it over to finish cooking. 
 The finished product, it was much browner than it looks in the picture. 
 It turned out bigger then our regular dinner plates so I had to go looking for something big enough to hold it. Remembered that the dishes be bought in Hidalgo, Mexico came with a large platter. We have a set of serving for six with lots of serving pieces. Pretty isn't it? I don't know why we are not using them more often. I'm saving them for...
Each and every piece is signed by the painter. 
Click here to see some pictures from our last visit to Hidalgo and visit to the factory where the dishes were made.  Just click on the first picture then there are little back and forward arrows on the top. Also in the pictures is the dinning room set we almost bought. Still love it. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Nope, no common sense.

Contessa said...

I want to go back to life like you wrote about in the first paragraph.

Never would have had the idea to use two fry pans, simply brilliant Bill. Looks like some carrot in there also. I would call this a frittata.

Carol and Bill said...

it is the same as a frittata but in Argentina they call it tortilla. no idea why.