Tuesday, August 7, 2018


We're beginning to feel like prisoners in our house. It is just too flipping hot to go out any where. And with the monsoons coming back this weekend it will be very humid again. We had another microburst of rain a couple of nights ago night, this one right over us. According to the weatherman we had 1/2 of rain in less than 1/2 hour. Some thunder and lightening but not a lot. At least the plants are getting a lot of water.
I got kind of melodramatic saying we are prisoners. We actually have been out and about  couple of times. Luckily the AC in my Mustang works really well, so by the time we are out on the main street is is already cool. The hard part is getting back in the car after our errands. The exterior is almost too hot to touch. No leaning against it. And the buckles on the seat belts are very hot to latch. Quite complaining right.
One of our trips out we had to get gas and I saw there was a new metal sculpture in front of the gas station. The maintenance manager of the convenience store there does these. I've posted several pictures of older ones. I always enjoy seeing new ones. He makes them out of discarded items. Here is a new butterfly. 
 A plant he put out a while ago. 
After getting gas we went to pick up Bill's new glasses. Yes he is wearing glasses again. He needs them for reading and to correct the slight double vision he has had the last year or so. He doesn't have to wear them around the house, but says it makes him more comfortable when driving. And they used his old frames for the new lenses. 
Do you remember these? The ones in the center are my baby shoes, so they must be about 79 1/2 years old! The other two belonged to our two oldest sons. When they were born 60 and 58 years ago my Mom worked in the baby department of Sears and the bronzing was complimentary for employees. 
Bill gets up really early, then naps in the afternoon, but anyway he has started walking before the sun comes up. Says there are a lot of old folks walking then. The only time of the day it is not boiling out. This morning I was awake and I thought, "Hum, I should get up and walk. My brain said 'okay.' My body said, 'go back to sleep.'" So that's what I did. Shame on me.
Bill took the picture of the sun rising. 
They are really working fast on the new house, driveway and side walk in already. And the material for the carport is there. 
Tomorrow and the next day more doctor appointments. Tomorrow for me at the hottest part of the day 4 o'clock. Ugh. At least the next day it is for 8:30 a.m. for Bill to have a CT Angiography. It will determine if he is going to need stents or not.
Other then that not much going on. Just trying to keep cool. 


Unknown said...

Your little shoes are very cute. The dinner that Bill made for you looks delicious. Do you think Mazatlan is more comfortable this time of year than Las Vegas?

Carol and Bill said...

No- in Mazatlan the humidity is way to high - and this year the temps have made the mid to high 90s.