Sunday, August 26, 2018

Moon rise and sun set.

Still thinking about how to finish rooster, this would continue the collage look. But thought better of it and ordered some chicken wire print fabric to put the rooster on. Then I'll do something around it. What ever I do it is going to be big. I have empty spaces on the wall in both the sewing and computer rooms where it will fit. OR maybe in the living room...depends on how it ends up looking. 
Now that it is cooler out I was walking around the back yard, noticed these baby palm trees growing. Was reaching to pull them out when Bill said to leave them. So guess we'll have a couple more palm trees in the back. I know they grow pretty fast from past experience. 
We can actually see the mountains again, still a little smoke/haze in the air but not like it was. Our lantana plants are growing like crazy, so pretty full of flowers. 
The guys working on the garage roof replacing the turbine fan. Had to replace the roofing around it too. So that is done. Hopefully no more 60/70 mph winds come up. Sure makes a difference in the temperature in the garage!
Happened to look out the back window Friday night and saw the almost full moon. So pretty.
A cloud moved over it as I was watching. 
And then I looked the other way. A really nice sunset.
See the rays going up from the area of the sun. 
Just another look at the colors.
Have had a couple not so pleasant news days but will stop this with the pretty sunset.

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