Saturday, August 11, 2018

Too much wind this week

As you can see by the pictures below we've had more storms. The one that did this did not drop any rain on us. Just 40/50 miles an hour winds. 
Today it is a little cooler and rain is forecast for next couple of days. 

We still have not got the wind turbine on the garage replaced. All contractors are busy with other bigger jobs. Lots of roofs, car ports and patio covers have gone down in the last month. 
A friend mentioned some furniture she and her husband had bought many years ago and how well it has lasted. Made me think of our bedroom set. We bought it from Sears in 1965. It is solid maple. And still works and looks great. [the pillows on the floor are the shams that go with our bedspread, made them same time I did the bedspread. The candle holder on the right was made by one of our kids in school - many, many years ago.]
 The second dresser.
The head board, it works with all sizes of beds from full to our size California King. Notice the lamp sitting on the doily, it is there for a reason. This top piece is a solid over one inch thick piece of maple. 
During the Northridge earthquake in 94 this happened. Next to the bed were big bookcases. One fell over and hit the headboard. Cracked the wood. Good thing it didn't hit Bill. It is cracked all the way through. 
All the toys and too hot or windy to go out and play with them. 

And each one has his own case. See them lined up on the floor in the first picture. 
I went to doctor this past week and now have three more appointments to go to. UGH! Next year neither of us is going to a doctor. 


Unknown said...

It is sounding like you’re not liking Vegas very well right now. I Would think maybe September will be a little more comfortable. Sure hope so.

Unknown said...

Your maple furniture is beautiful