Monday, August 27, 2018

Been an interesting few days.

Saturday was one of the first cool 102 days in a long time so we decided to make some empanadas. I had bought the dough some time ago and froze it. We ended up making  four dozen and have enough filling to make four dozen more. When we went to the market this morning they didn't have the prepackaged/made dough. So put the rest of the filling in the freezer until we make it across town to the Argentine market to buy some.
Saturday night was another spectacular moon night. Luckily I looked out in time to see it. To the west there was no sunset, but these clouds to the east were nice and pink. 
The moon as it was coming up. It was oranger - more orange - than it looks here. 
Coming up over the desert behind us. 
The desert - closest to us are The Wetlands, a protected area. 
Very early Sunday morning I was laying in bed wondering if I should get up, it was still dark out. It felt like something was crawling on my back, but I decided it was just my nightgown moving from the air from the ceiling fan. So I shifted my position a little. More movement, kept up. So I rolled over on my back -AND GOT BIT! - WHAT THE HECK? I jumped out of bed. Pulled my nightgown tight around my waist and ran into the bathroom. By now whatever it was was moving again. Yanked my nightgown off and shook it. Something fell on my foot. AGGGG! Looked down got a glimpse of it. About 2 1/2 to 3 inches long - a transparent color centipede - I think. Before I could catch/kill it it disappeared under the vanity. Bill can see what looks like a bite on my back so no, I wasn't imagining it. IT WAS IN OUR BED!!!! Ripped the sheets off and threw them and my night gown in HOT water laundry. Sprayed bug spray all over bedroom and bathroom.  Used a can of bug spray in bedroom and bathroom. At least I didn't scream. Perfect end to a not great week. Also called pest control company they will be here Wednesday. Bill thinks it might be because of all the construction going on around us.
I went to doctor early in week because for some reason my blood pressure has taken a jump. So I have an appointment for a Tread Mill Test Tuesday. I hate treadmills!  I cannot stay on one for over a minute before I am bright red and soaking wet and having trouble breathing. [and the last time I was on one was 20 years ago] Should be interesting if I live through it. 
Bill saw same doctor end of week. We are now waiting to hear when he will be going into hospital for angioplasty and stenting. Though the doctor says if the vessels are too deteriorated he might not be able to put in stents. Kind of wait and see. A few other thing going on too with family members. Stress? What stress?


Mark said...

Well none of that seems like any fun, except for the Empanadas. Hoping all the tests are good and in your favor.

Carol and Bill said...

will let you know.

Grandma on the Road said...

Yikes! I can imagine your heart rate soared after that episode. I really worry about creepy crawlies in the desert. But, a long time ago, in Michigan, I crawled into bed and had just got almost to sleep when something bit me very painfully on my foot. I jumped out of bed, pulled the covers back, and found an earwig. (They have long pincers on their rears, so they have a painful "bite" but are not poisonous.) So I grabbed him and flushed him down the toilet and then got back into bed. A few seconds later, his buddy bit me also. This time, I jumped up and tore all the covers off and shook them. Luckily, there were apparently only two of these bugs in my bed, but I can tell you that I did not sleep well that night. I can see why you called the pest control people.