Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Mother of all storms

We shouldn't have cleaned our patio! We've been looking at all the tree/leaf/garbage debris on the patio for a couple of weeks. Finally Saturday afternoon I swept a lot of it up then Bill brought out the blower. In no time it looked nice again. 
Well about 8:30 I heard a big WHOOSH and thumping and banging. Another storm had arrived - in force. Before I got to the door to look out the rug was rolled up, one of the chairs had blown across the patio and the rockers were moved back. 
 And what was left of the cover on the Jeep was in pieces and most of it gone. 
Lots of lightening, horrid winds and a dust storm. Then rain and flooding. Over 63,000 people were without electricity. Ours stayed on thank goodness, some are still without as I write this Monday afternoon. Lots of trees and power poles down. We live not to far from, Nellis - both of us backing right up against the desert.  
I was trying to get some of the lightening but it always happened in the area I wasn't filming. Glad our patio roof is fixed down tight. 
Sunday Morning we went out to the market, their cart racks were blown over and a couple of trees in the parking lot were down. 

We are not supposed to get any bad weather for a week or so. And it isn't even boiling hot - in the low 100's which is livable. Especially with the humidity in the teens or less.
To change the subject, just grabbed this picture off their mom's page. Great grand children, kindergarten and 2nd grade first day of school. He is almost as big as his sister. (Our oldest son's daughter is their mother. She just had the new baby girl.)
 With the cover off the Jeep Bill thought he would clean it up a little and start it. Well the Jeep had different thoughts. Would not start, not even a sound. So Bill put his handy dandy battery quick charger on it and when he got it going we headed out to get a new battery. Here he is talking to the scheduler. Yes he is wearing his glasses. Bifocals for reading and prism to correct double vision. He looks like himself now. He is really enjoying how clear and colorful life is now days. Windshield wasn't too clean. 
We still are getting a lot of smoke over the valley. Makes you not want to be out very long. 

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