Monday, July 16, 2018

Exciting scary and exciting interesting days

We are going through Monsoon season here in the Vegas valley. The temperatures are a little lower - high 90's, but the humidity is HIGH 56% with the Dew Point up around 65% - which makes for Muggly [that's an Indiana term] weather.
Monday evening we were hit with a major storm, winds up over 60 mph, thunder, lightening and heavy rains. I thought we were going to lose our patio cover it was so bad. Luckily all we had happen was: my planters outside - they have artificial flowers in them just stuck into Styrofoam -
luckily we saw the flowers and foam blowing away in time to catch them. They spent the next few days inside. And a couple branches were broken off our flowering bushes. But here in the community there was a lot of damaged roofs and blown down patio and carport covers. 40,000 people through the city were without power. Several cars got stuck in intersections full of water. Lots of trees down too. Since then there have been small bursts of rain in other parts of town. Today though expecting more heavy rain, but we might not get any. Never can tell here in the desert.
Yesterday [by now I should say last week] we got a new house in the lot across the street. Always fun to watch them put those big sections in.
This isn't a very big lot. 

For some reason they changed trucks, this white one was pulling the other half of the house. You can just see it sitting in the background on the street.

Going after the other half. They just drove right up over the curb on the side with this half. 

By now they were watching the sky, lots of dark clouds rolling in and heavy rain not too far away.  
These guys just deliver them an put them on the lot. 

Once the driveway is in there sure won't be much yard to keep up. Only about three feet in back. It is the same color as the other two new houses they put in next to us last year. But this one has a bigger porch.
Because of all the moisture in the air we've had some nice sunrises and sunsets. Bill took these as I've been sleeping in. Haven't taken any of the sunset as it is still pretty hot out even that late. 

I've been kind of under the weather the last few days, so sorry I haven't written. Since I started this we've had another violent rain storm, the wind wasn't as bad but the lightening was scary. Worst I've seen since leaving Indiana. A couple hit in the Wetlands, surprised there were not fires. Now it has dried out a little and the temps are back up, but humidity is down. Thank goodness. 
Yesterday we got out for a while and went downtown to check out some of the murals. At least next blog will have some interesting photos. Till then...


SandyM said...

Wow, to the truck drivers! Beautiful rose colored clouds at sunrise - Bill got a couple good pictures.

Carol and Bill said...

Can't wait until the guys who put them together get here. They really have to be precise.