Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A good day all around,

Weather is beautiful - only in high 90's today and so far no wind or rain. 
And my chicken wire material finally got here. Now I have to decide how I'm going to finish it and what type of border I'm going to put on it. And, of course, buy the batting and enough material to back it. Then put it together.
Not sure about the border...I think I have enough of both of these materials to do the border, or I might go another way all together. 
No rush to finish it. 
So back to yesterday. Bill had to be at the hospital at 6 a.m. We were both up before 4:30...He was the first "procedure" of the day. By 8:30 the doctor came to tell me everything was fine and Bill did well. He even showed me pictures on his phone of the arteries before and after the stents. Before looked like a miserable almost dry river in the desert. After looked like a raging river after a big storm. Let me tell you those couple hours were really miserable. They keep those hospitals so cold...I couldn't even read my Nook I was shivering so bad! Oh, this is supposed to be about Bill isn't it? Okay. I got to go to him in recovery. Even colder there, he was covered with heated blankets - I was freezing. 
He was a little dopey at first. But came around quickly. By noon he was in a room and eating a little bit. They kept him overnight to make sure nothing was bothering him. 
I left him there about 3:00 in the afternoon. He wanted to sleep and I was cold and hungry. [Oh, he finally did get them to turn the thermostat in the room up to a livable temperature. Luckily the other guy in the room was cold too.
I was almost home when I got to the last major intersection where I would turn to our street. Traffic was backed up for a block or two. Even my left turn lane. It took three series of signals before I got to the intersection. About a block up I could see lots of red and blue flashing lights. When I listened to the news discovered 3 people were shot and one was dead. Happened about 1/2 hour before I got there. It isn't funny but that is a notorious intersection for shootings and the other day we'd been joking that it had been about six months since anyone was murdered there. Well not now. And people ask us if we aren't afraid to go to Mexico...No!
It was strange being home without Bill there. A couple of times I went to find him to tell him something I just thought of. 
Anyway. He is home now. Doctors discharged him  about 10:00 - it was 1:00 before all the paperwork etc was done and we could get out of there. They sent us home with 40 pieces of paper about senseless stuff. About two pages related to the surgery and new meds. Do you think he was anxious to leave.
I haven't figured out how to take good pics with the cell phone yet. But you get the idea. He finally threatened to leave without discharge papers. Only reason he did was I had the car keys. He has a couple of follow up appointments and that should be it. Right now he says after them he is never going to a doctor again. I don't blame him. 
He felt fine before I nagged him into taking the stress causing stress test. 
So now we have a couple of days of rest. No driving for him for 3 days and take it easy for 5. 
But I am glad it is done after seeing the pictures of the heart!!!


SandyM said...

What wonderful news - hope he notices how much better he will feel and tells you. Yes, to how cold they keep hospitals in every area. Have learned to take a light jacket with us to most places - even grocery store.

Unknown said...

That's GREAT!!!! news. We were really worried. So glad the procedure worked. On to Mexico. John & Shirlie

Contessa said...

Thank you for this post. Well done Bill. You are good or for at least another 60 years.

FYI I like the orange for the border.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you for your thoughts for Bill. By winter he should be his old self - or young self acting.

Carol and Bill said...

Every thing will be fine as soon as he realizes he needs to take it easy for a week. Kind of ran his battery down yesterday after getting out of hospital. Today is lots of rest and eating good meals.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you for your comment. He is already feeling warmer in his hands. Hope that keeps up.

Barb said...

Glad to hear Bill is doing well. Off topic..Where do you get your empanada wrapper? making them for the first time. I am in N. Las Vegas..Thanks..Barb

Carol and Bill said...

I bought them in WalMart freezer section. They have a section of Goya brand and the empanada dough is there. Make sure you get the cook in oven dough, not the deep fryer kind. OR there is an Argentine market on Spring Mountain by Jones that sells them. Rincon de Buenos Aires I think is the name.

SandyM said...

Just checking in to see if all is well with you and Bill- missing your post as I am sure others are, too.

Carol and Bill said...

It took some time for him to starting feeling himself. Stresses me out some when he is not well. All's much better now.