Thursday, May 26, 2022

Projects and Nature

I have started on a new project - Don't know if it will be table mats, table runner for small quilt. It is something different for me to do. Called paper piecing. I'm still having to rip up a lot 'cause there is just something about this method that my brain cannot compute.  You start out with the pattern on a piece of paper. Then you sew the material to the back of the paper. 

You sew on the side of the paper with the pattern so you'd better pay attention to have the material front facing the way it will end up. There are two pieces of fabric here.
When you finish the block it looks like this. The paper is still on the back and now needs to be removed. UGH.
I use a real small stitch so it makes the paper easier to tear off, but really hard when I have made a mistake and have to rip the stitches.
Oh, oh - the first one I made. Put one wrong color in the wrong place, should have been blue. 
Bill got a hold of the camera. All the cut fabric and me trying to figure out how the next piece of fabric goes. 
Hopefully it is right. 
Have a few of them done, there will be one inch pieces of some kind of material all around these blocks for the finished product. 
Bill is also back to one of his projects. The garage is now warm enough in the morning for him to work out there.He is making me a big rooster. Each piece of which has to be cut and formed one by one. It is all different kinds of wood. 
The pattern he cuts the wood from.
A closer look at the many, many, many pieces. 
A photo from the the person/company who sells the pattern of a finished project. Of course every one's will looks somewhat different. 
I think we will both be busy for a while. 
I am now walking alone in the mornings. The people I was walking with don't want to start until 8:00 - This morning at eight it was 82 degrees out. I went at fifteen to seven the day I took this picture and by seven thirty it was 80. I cut the walk short so only got in 5000 steps that day.  If I want to walk longer will have to leave house by six. At that time of day I don't want to walk alone in the Wetlands, so will probably just be walking around our neighborhood. 
See the road runner back in the bush. I took this picture through a window from a ways away. I could see his head violently moving up and down. Wondered what he was doing. 
When he came out from behind the bush I discovered what he did. He has a lizard in his mouth! A pretty good sized one at that. I thought they just ate bugs. But guess they eat meat too. We have a lot to see just in our back yard. 
Went out to lunch with one of my friends from working days yesterday. First time, I've been IN a restaurant for a couple of years. It was fun visiting with her and we hope to do it again in a month or so. First time I've driven in a long time too. Guess I didn't forget how. 
Today and tomorrow will be up over 100 then we get another little cool down to high 80's with wind. And that's about all of my news. 


SandyM said...

Much detail in both of your projects - will be beautiful when finished. Interesting photos as always and liked seeing the road runner with his catch. Did you notice the lizards little toes waving in the wind….made me giggle.

Kathy Tycho said...

I finally fixed my inability to comment..turns out my phone didn't allow third party cookies so I had to turn them on. Love Bill's rooster. I saw a roadrunner trying to get a nest of baby hummingbirds in Yuma but the parents managed to dive bomb it and drive it away. I didn't like the Roadrunners after that!

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - the road runner with the lizard was a surprise photo for me. Wasn't sure what he had in his mouth until I looked at photo.
Kathy - Glad you can comment again. I like to watch them run. Remind me of chakalakas