Friday, June 3, 2022

Another 10,000 step day.

This was last week, what I thought would be my last walk in The Wetlands - it is getting hot very early in the morning now. However I did walk there today at 5:30 a.m. By the time I got home at 6:30 it was up into the 80's already.  A look at the beginning of summer here. With the wind feels like a hair dryer blowing on you. 

So here are more pictures from that walk. The first jack rabbit I've seen there. We see lots and lots of cotton tails. 

We've been wondering about the strange webs in the rocks with the hole in the middle of them. Found this on line. So guess this is what makes them. "Description – The aptly-named funnel web is, as you could guess, shaped like a funnel. Expanses of thread span over a variety of distances, and they meet in the middle where they form a cylindrical hole. This hole is where the funnel-weaver spider hides out and reaps some of the great benefits of this web design.How it works – There are several interesting perks of this web design. First and foremost, it offers great protection for its creator, as the spider can hide in the difficult-to-access center.Additionally, it’s the perfect ambush structure. Insects walk across the mat-like web, get tangled up, and are then subdued by the spider that quickly rushes out of its hole when it senses vibration."

Always something different to see here. Half of this tree burned at one time. The other half didn't. 
Looks like the beavers have been busy. Have not seen one but this dam is new.  We were told there are about 80 beavers in the park. But have to get up really early to see them. 
Just a serene pretty location. 
It looks like the turtles eggs are gone, I hope someone from the park dug them up to incubate them. Not that a coyote or bird ate them. 
Another little pond. We discover new ones all the time. We can hear the water so go looking for them. 
The beginning of the river. Lots of carp and water fowl around this area. 
I continue to work on my table mats. Almost have them done.  Boy talk about sticker shock. Went to Denny's for breakfast this morning. Well I had bacon, 2 eggs and 2 pancakes and coffee. Bill had lunch Bourbon chicken skillet and coffee. Price was $33! I used to get that breakfast for 4.99 it was a value meal. No more. Guess we need to get out more. Also went to WalMart and noticed they had baby formula but it was behind locked glass doors. And the rest of the shelves were empty. Then got gas in car - a little over half a tank for $45. I shudder when I think of when we fill the RV to go somewhere.
Will try to do better on writing more often. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Gosh, that hot weather seems nice to us (well, maybe not in the high 90's) as we are struggling to get above 70 degrees up here and for us warm weather lovers, it still is too cool! We have noticed the higher costs up here too. Take care!

Carol and Bill said...

I would gladly send you some of the heat. Especially the 80 degree nights. Too hot to move around.