Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Sights and thoughts

 Monday turned out to be a good walking morning so we got in 3.87 miles in The Wetlands before it got too hot. We saw this coyote. He stopped looked at us then moved on. 

The beavers have built another dam across the outlet of this pond. They had one there before but the park maintenance crews took it down. Looks like they will remove this one too as it restricts the flow of the water. Still haven't managed to catch sight of a beaver. Was told need to be out there around 5 a.m. or earlier to see them. 
As we were about to leave the park we caught sight of this raccoon. He was smaller than the one that was in our yard a week or so ago. 
Was surprised to see this sunflower plant growing along the road way. One of my favorite flowers. 
This was posted on Facebook. This is the recipe for formula all five of my kids were raised on (from 1958 to 1970). Only I used Carnation milk. Facebook stuck a big FACT CHECKER banner across it. I guess no one on Face book is over 30 years old. When I went looking for it today the only thing on Face book were the comments. The picture was gone. 
Was making out an order for delivery from Walmart and looking for frozen strawberries for my smoothies. I know prices are going up but ... this much? I hope it was a printing mistake. I couldn't force myself to eat anything that expensive. 

Also Smucker's Strawberry Jelly  18 oz $12.98!   Same size Grape Jelly is $3.98. Bill found four jars on line and ordered them at about $5.50 per jar with shipping. I wonder why Jelly is so hard to find. But lots of Strawberry Jam and Preserves. 
Not much else going on. Hot and humid today, but did walk. Monsoon weather is coming.

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