Monday, June 13, 2022

A post about nothing.

We are basically doing nothing these days. I did get out to walk one morning. At 5:30 and it was already in very high 80's. As long as there are clouds or sun doesn't get too high it is okay. This is a neighbors pink lilac bush. Don't ever remember seeing a pink one before. Sure has a delightful smell. 
And this is our front/side yard. Every thing is blooming and getting bigger. Guess they all like the HOT weather. 
When I started this post last week I was still working on my place mats. There are four of them. At this point I still had to pick out binding and backing material. That took me a few days. 
One morning early we drove by the RV storage area and discovered some wires hanging down from under the RV and one in particular was no longer connected!!! Luckily we went by when we did as the unconnected one - unlocked the main door!!! Here is Bill underneath putting everything back together and securing them back into place. No one had been inside, maybe the heat or wind knocked them down... 

A sunset one evening. 
And a sunrise the next morning.  We have been having a real heat wave. Temperatures up to 111 degrees and only cooling down to low 90's during the night. UGH. I got out to walk by myself a couple of time but have to get out by 4:30 or 4:45 to get in a good walk before the sun get high enough to make it unbearable. 
This community is getting a whole lot of new homes. I would have like to see them put these two on the lots. 
Especially this one. They are all 3 bedroom, 2 bath but vary in square feet. Start at $229,000. And you don't own the land. For manufactured homes that seems like a lot of money.  Four years ago they were $149,000.
Today we have strong winds, gusts up to 50 mph. We've got all kinds of some else's trash in our back yard this morning. Not going out there until the wind stops or lets up some. At least it is bringing in some cooler weather. That just means it won't reach 100 JUST 99 for a few days. 
Made slow cooker sweet and sour chicken yesterday. Turned out pretty good. You know I'm bored when I start looking for recipes...
NASCAR race yesterday was terrible, but glad Suarez won. And then last night while watching a recorded movie the hard drive on our Dish receiver crashed. They will send us a new one but we've probably lost all the movies etc we'd recorded. Tech said we "MIGHT" be able to get them but the operative word is might. Instructions will come with new receiver that will be here in a couple of days. They wanted to charge me for it - I don't think so, it is their equipment. Argued, so there won't be a charge. I hope I can get it connected. At least that will give me something to do.

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