Saturday, June 25, 2022

The road less traveled

Wednesday was an interesting walk for us. And an interesting weather day for here. As you can see lots of dark clouds in the sky. And the humidity was higher than usual. 6:15 a.m. just starting to go through gate into Wetlands. 

Another new sign about the plants growing out there. They are all part of the water filtering system. Before the water from the city gets back to Lake Mead. 
A little jack rabbit. The bunnies just stop and sit very still, the jacks hop away from us. 
We were following a dirt path through the very high cattails, almost like being in a maze when we came to this fork in the road. We turned to the right. And started walking, and walking, and walking...
Some ones home. 
And we are still walking. Seemed to be a maintenance road of some sort. 
I was starting to wonder where this would lead as we were heading away from the main part of the Wetlands. When I saw the football stadium I really got worried. Not worried lost - worried about it was going to be a LONG walk back.  But finally the road turned and head towards home.
We were surprised to discover three big new ponds. Didn't even know they were there. One of our group has an app on his phone that showed us exactly where we were. Phew! Glad to know that we were now headed the right direction. It was beginning to get hotter and no shade along this path.
This must be an intake pipe of some sort. Looks like every where around here the water is very low. 
Back on the path. The mountain is a landmark we use. It is the mountain we can see from our back yard. But it looks far away. 
So discovered this sign finally. We took the red path. The ponds we didn't know were there. Been there, done that, won't do it again! 
We did four miles and by the time we were back in the area we knew I was more than ready to go home. Also it was up in the high 80's by then. ICK.
Change of pace - Bill cooked some crepes the other day. A lot of crepes - guess we have to eat them. 
The can is dulce de leche - basically cooked condensed milk - it thickens into a delicious caramel spread.  Put it on the crepe and then roll the crepe and enjoy. So much for my losing any weight for a few days. 
Later in the afternoon the wind really picked up and the clouds darkened and we got 17 drops of rain on our patio. Bill clocked some gusts of over 60mph in the yard. 
Turn on your sound to hear the wind. There is a humming bird feeding, I don't know how something so little can fly in that strong wind.

We did have kind of a pretty sunset that night. 

Went to walk this morning but my friends over slept and it was already in the low 80's so just got in a mile when I came on home. I think that is the end of morning walks, unless I get out there before five!