Sunday, June 19, 2022

Happy Fathers Day to All

Happy Fathers Day.  Here is a picture of my father, he must have been about 21 then - white shoes and suspenders. He passed away when he was 46.

Bill when he was young, with his Father and Mother. Not sure how old her was 16 maybe. 
The weather yesterday and today was/is WONDERFUL. High today of 90 only. Yesterday only in the high 80's but the wind was blowing steady up in the 30's with gusts up to 50. Today the wind has let up. The temperature that really matters is how cool it gets at night. Lately it has been in the high 60's or low 70's so we have been able to get out and walk in the morning around 6:15. We plan on walking on Monday and Wednesday. After that either 5a.m. or not at all. On Friday I see we have a very slight chance of rain. Monsoon weather has begun, sure hope we eventually get some rain this summer. 

I am walking with another couple that lives here and likes to get out early. Nicer to have company when walking in Wetlands. Another tree is blooming out there. Kind of reminds me of an orchid. 
This tree is full of curly pods. 
We took a new dirt trail that was leading us through reeds that were way above our heads. Kind of gave us a feeling of walking through a maze. Luckily it was a straight shot to another trail. No false or dead ends to take. 
Another tree. These cotton puffs break up in the wind and float through the air. Kind of like a dandelion flower does.
Every once in a while we come to something so peaceful and pretty I feel like there should be soothing music surrounding it. 
This caught our attention, at first it looked like A REALLY BIG SNAKE!. Turns out it is an old piece of wooden pipe. 
More water in the river the last couple of weeks. Really running rough and fast. 
Another serene spot to stop and just listen. The bullfrogs were quite loud that day.
We did about three miles just walking around and enjoying the sights, sounds and weather. 
That evening we had a visitor in our back yard. So far the last couple of months we've also had  a coyote, road runner, quail, bunnies and this guy. So glad we live at the very east edge of town with wilderness behind us. 
We're still having slight issues with the new Dish TV receiver. I'm making a list so I only have to call them one time for help. Also we are trying to replenish our recorded movies and series too quickly. A couple of time we had all three TVs recording so we couldn't watch  the channel/program we wanted to at that time. Need to learn not to schedule three recordings at once. 
Other than that life is quiet and nice. 

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