Wednesday, June 29, 2022

This, that and another thing.

 UGH! Got up a 5:30 thinking I might get a short walk in. HA!  Already 89 degrees out. 

It is 9:30 now and 99 already. Not cooling down at night at all. Going to be a stay inside kind of day. I miss my walking. One of the ladies I walked with says she goes to the gym and walks there three days a week. I need to check to see if my health insurance covers Silver Sneakers program. Kind of nice sunrise this morning. And a very small chance of rain today. 

We did get the hummingbird feeders taken down and refilled while we could still stand the heat outside. And I made a call to the alarm company for them to come out tomorrow to fix a small glitch with the back up battery. Getting through to them is a nightmare. Takes about 1/2 hour. I called and was on hold then went on line to do the "chat" thing and was 8th in line for help. But got through there while still on hold for phone. 

Not much going on here, too hot to go out and gas is still too expensive ($5.40) to just go out and drive around without an errand to do. 

We were thinking about taking a short close by trip in RV but went to cardiologist end of last week and Bill needs another test. Which of course couldn't be done right away. So need to stay here for that. You take what you get for appointments. When we scheduled the follow up after the testing I wasn't paying attention, When we got home saw the date - IT WAS FOR ONE MONTH after the testing. No way! Finally got a hold of the doctor's assistant and he also thought that was way too long to wait for results. So I'm to call him four days after the test to get the results, if there is a problem he will get Bill into the doctor right away. I also got a call from scheduling who was able to move the appointment one week sooner - still too long to wait for results. Very hard to get into see specialists here in Vegas. 

I have gained back 1 1/2 pounds... Bought raisin bread and ate the whole loaf with of course butter and a teeny bit of sugar on it. Then Bill made the crepes and of course I ate a bunch of them. Then I thought - why not - and started snacking at night again - Milky Ways! No more...will behave from now on. [the bread and crepes are gone, not getting any more.]

Finished another puzzle, kind of a fun and pretty one. Only one more puzzle in the box, so need to find another multi box set. The only one I saw at WalMart the other day was $40 for 8 puzzles...Not sure I'm that desperate for something to do.

Then went looking on line for free patterns for quilt wall hangings. So think I might try this one. Lots of work in it so should take a while. I have lots and lots of Christmas material.

I made paella from scratch the other night, turned out really good. Even managed, for the first time ever, to get the edges of the dish/rice caramelized the right way.Not much else to say. 


SandyM said...

Ask some of your friends if they do puzzles and work out a trade. Have done that with neighbors. I really like that Christmas tree wall hanging. Always interesting to read your blog; thanks for posting

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - might ask on the communities facebook page, I've left some in clubhouse in past. But never got any new ones from there.
The Tree wall hanging is a challenge.

Contessa said...

Sorry that you can't walk because of the heat. You need to keep it up. Maybe see if you can find a used treadmill. Or is there a mall that you can walk in. That is what we do here in Canada, walk n the mall in the winter. Good luck with getting the tests/appointments sorted out.

SandyM said...

Hoping all is well with you and Bill…. Want you know you are missed when you do not post for a few days.

Carol and Bill said...

Contessa - don't want to go to the mall too many people there and covid rising again. Next week Bill will have his testing done and hopefully by end of week we will know what is going on.
Sandy - just not feeling like it for a while, lots going on.