Sunday, July 24, 2022

Very short blog

I finished the hand work on the third Christmas wall hanging. Now I want to go shopping to see if I can find something to "trim" them with. Today probably will start another on.

Spent most of yesterday watching NASCAR - it passes the time. And there is another race today. Might bake some cookies. I freeze them and only eat one when I absolutely need one. Like Friday evening. 

Friday afternoon around 4 o'clock got a call from the doctor's office. The insurance denied the CAT scan. Doctor's office could give me no explanation. So now we wait to hear from the doctor. Very upset by this. 

Today it has cooled down some, only going to be 104 with clouds and maybe some drops of rain and wind. Next couple of days might be below 100 with rain and wind. Sounds good to me. 


Nancy Kissack said...

Wondering if the office coded that procedure incorrectly. I hope the insurance changes their mind. That's very stressful!

Carol and Bill said...

Nancy - no it wasn't the coding, "they" don't think it is necessary.